Jenna Covelli Sheer Santa Seduction

50 year old Jenna Covelli lives in California where she enjoys the warm weather year round, even during the holiday season. "I actually really like living somewhere that doesn't get cold. It's not that I mind chilly winter nights, but it's so fun to wrap myself up in something sexy to give for the holidays," she explains. True to her holiday spirit, Jenna has invested in a Christmasy outfit that she loves to show off. It features a Santa hat and a tight red top that she likes to pair with white lacy panties and thigh high stockings that encase her long slender legs perfectly.

"The best part about giving the gift of me is definitely getting unwrapped," she adds as she slips out of her shirt, baring the white push-up bra that has given her big tits amazing cleavage beneath her shirt. She leaves the hat on for a festive touch as she stands up from where she was perched on the piano bench and does a slow circle as her hips sway provocatively to a Christmas carol that she hums.

Sitting back down on the piano bench with her legs spread wide to show off a tantalizing glimpse of her landing strip pussy through her sheer panties, Jenna leans back and cups one big boob in her hand so she can pinch her hard nipple. "I put this on for my date tonight, but I think I'll have to get myself off before he gets here so I don't jump him the second he arrives." Her decision made, Jenna lays down on the piano bench and runs her palm down her flat belly to press against the damp heat of her twat as her other hand continues to massage her tender breast. If you want to watch this mature milf fuck herself on camera for Christmas, then head to® now for hundreds of high quality pics and tons of video of this horny cougar.

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