Mimi Moore Seduces Herself

Mimi Moore is a 34 year old marriage counselor from the United Kingdom who has a sex drive that is nearly impossible to satiate. "I spend all day working with couples to figure out how to make their relationships better, and that often includes finding ways to satisfy their sexual needs. Of course I need to take care of my own needs once I get home!" Dressing up in slinky lingerie and using toys on her needy pussy are two ways that Mimi likes to take care of her pleasurable cravings. This evening she has chosen to wear a leopard print negligee and a cheerful orange thong in order to seduce herself, but this sex crazed milf can't control her urges for very long. "I like dressing up, but undressing is always much more fun. It's sometimes hard to believe how much money I spend on hot little nighties that I know I'll never wear for more than a few minutes!" Sure enough, within a very short time Mimi has pulled down her halter top to let her medium sized tits hang out so that she can play with her tight little nipples and her big areolas. She smooths her hands down over her soft supple breasts and then past her flat belly, slowly stripping the nightie down her slender body. When she reaches her narrow waist she gathers her panties and pulls those down her long legs as well. "Ah, naked at last," she murmurs as she cups her hands over her tender boobs and squeezes them. Then she rolls to the side of the bed and pulls out her Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator from its hiding place against the wall. "Now I can really get this party started." Head on over to Anilos.com® now to watch Mimi pleasure her horny pussy with the vibrator, and to find all of the hottest mature women brought to you weekly in high resolution pics and video.

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