Tina's Older Female Fantasy

For the final spread, Tina demonstrated that mature mamas can be sexy with their hair up, or let down and youthfully flowing. Our producers asked her for a slow, sultry strip tease, and Tina titillated us by first playing with her long, thick hair. Her breasts pressed against the soft white cotton of her tank, causing the tiniest peek of skin at her navel. This Czech cougar could teach something to the younger set with the way she sways as she strips!

Tina has pulled her top off of her toned shoulders, baring her tatas. Hitching up her denim mini-skirt, Tina kneels on the couch, high heeled black boots suspended in mid air, and starts to slip a pair of black g-string panties over her mature and well rounded tush. Garterless nude stockings cling to long thighs as they support her weight, and long hair tangles gracefully around her face and breasts. A sweet and come-hither smile lighting up her countenance, Tina appears all too comfortable in this position. Perhaps this is how she'll seduce that cute little blonde she's had a crush on at work? Perhaps Tina will let us film her first lesbian encounter?

With legs askance, still bolstered in stockings and boots, and thumbs looped through her denim skirt, Tina looks more cowgirl than former Soviet citizen. Breasts fully bared for the camera, with nipples that could have nursed a nation, Tina begs the question: "You want to try me?" Her mature and maintained figure is familiar with the pleasures of the flesh, and she seems ready to take on the new challenge of seducing a younger woman- just to try it. Yet she's more than capable of wrangling just about any stud into her bed, as it were. Teasing the zipper of her skirt open, ready to tear it from her skin, Tina is a woman ready for any hot, passionate experience you can give her! Want more mature action? Are you ready to have your cock lassoed and lavished by Tina, or any one of her older female friends? Want to find out if she's going to get lucky and let you watch? Log into Anilos.com® today for all the luscious ladies you can handle!

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