Tina's Bath Time Orgasm

Taking a long bath is often a woman's favorite time- she can play with all her toys and beautify all at once! No different for our beautiful brunette, Tina. After a long day, she is ready to get out of that black sheer corset, and into something equally sexy! With her long hair pinned up, Tina begins to draw her bath. Her long legs are tired after her shift, and she gently massages her thighs to help relieve their fatigue. Slipping her bustier down to her waist, Tina then rubs her full breasts, encouraging some circulation and to ease the red marks her bra has left on her ivory skin. It must be chilly in the bathroom because Tina's nipples are very erect! Deciding she's had enough of the lingerie, Tina bends gracefully over as she removes first the corset, then the g-string thong which has put pressure on her mature labia all day long. What sweet relief to have the weight of her full breasts hang loose as she smooths the panties down her thighs! Retrieving her favorite purple dildo from it's drawer, Tina turns it on a low vibrational speed and massages each yearning nipple. Slowly, she'll use that toy to massage all her sore muscles, working to the ultimate climax within her core. Doing Kegel's all afternoon to alleviate the full feeling she's had since her lunchtime tryst, her pussy is most sore and needing. Standing astride, as the bath water pools and soaks her feet, Tina slips the dong deeply into her wet and aching pussy. Turning the vibration up, Tina finds sweet release as the pulsing movement of her toy, combined with the pressure of the bath jets, sends her beautifully moaning into ecstasy! Would you like to help Tina take a bath? You can, exclusively at Anilos.com®- your only source for bathing beauties and mature moaners!

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