Louise Dakotah Brittain's Bombshell

We saved the best for last! In our final shoot, we met Louise Dakotah in the parlor suite of her sunny Colonial home. We didn't get any sweet tea, but we did get you something even more satisfying: one of our most beautiful mature models giving a little strip-tease! Louise Dakotah has got the face of an angel: heavenly blue eyes, golden hair, and plush pink lips. But she's got a body like the devil: long, lean, smokin' hot body and sun-kissed skin as smooth as her English accent. At the shoot, she couldn't wait to get out of her matching bra and panty set. Starting with a show of a firm breast, topped with an erect nipple, Louise Dakotah quickly progressed her strip-tease. Before we knew it, she was pulling off her frilly panties, and modeling for us the beauty of her blonde, hairy muff. Bent coyly over, Louise Dakotah looks like a Russian fertility goddess, and she is built sleek enough to take it from any angle! Just imagine slipping a finger, a tongue, a hard, throbbing cock into that creamy pie... Though she is definitely a mature and refined lady, Louise Dakotah is young at heart, and proudly displayed her belly-button ring. She shimmied for us, and we stood mesmerized by the silver strands brushing the top of her tan lined torso. Playtime was over all too soon, though, as red-tipped fingernails found their way to her favorite places. As she tickled her muff and pinched her nipples, the desire in Louise Dakotah's eyes got us all going. This naughty cougar massaged her clit until she'd made a sticky, sweet mess on her favorite pink armchair!

»»» End «««