Louise Dakotah Hand Job Mature

During our interview, I asked Louise Dakotah to share some wisdom on how to keep a husband a happy man. "Well, sugar, come into my husband's home office, and I'll show you." The team and I followed her, hoping to see more of her suntanned skin, and hungry to learn how to be as eager to please. "Often, I'll put on the new dress my husband has bought for me, but underneath, I wear the new lingerie I've bought for him. I'll wait until he's almost off the phone before I walk in, and start doing a silent little strip-tease. That really gets his attention!" she winks. What gets my attention, however, is the fact that this beautiful blonde is going to show me how to seduce my husband!

"Sometimes, I've come in a little too early, and he has to finish wrapping up business. After all that work to get dolled up for him, I'm usually feeling too horny to wait. Instead of pouting, like some wives would, I keep myself busy." Stroking her tight, firm body, Louise Dakotah shows me how to keep myself excited while waiting on a man. Pinching her hard nipples between her fingers, and grazing her tan skin with red fingernails, her hand finally finds its way down to her blonde bush. With her middle finger, Louise Dakotah teases her clitoris until she's dripping with sweet cum.

"Some women would punish a man for making her wait," Louise Dakota warns, "but I think it's better to reward him every chance you get!" Louise Dakotah bends over the arm of her husband's leather sofa, smiling back at me. "Give him what he really wants: access to all of your sweetest parts." Her twinkling blue eyes, framed by that wise, knowing smile, convince me that she knows nothing but success in these matters. "Besides," she continues, "I really love it when my husband gives me a little spanking for being such a naughty girl!"

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