Louise Dakotah Lesbian Encounter

My first interview with Louise Dakotah took place on a particularly hot, sultry day. While she explained to me how her marriage began as a mail-order bride from across the pond, her sweet smile almost hypnotized me. As she giggled and talked, she began to untie the sweater she wore. Peeking out from that sweater was a very sexy, pink bustier. I recalled from her biography, that she is an equestrian trainer. "Do you wear lingerie like that while you're teaching riding lessons?" Batting her big, blue eyes, Louise Dakotah giggled "of course I do! Corsets provide quite a bit of support, helping riders keep their proper form!" The afternoon was sweltering, so she hitched her skirt up, as well, revealing pink satin panties above the lacy edges of her nude silk stockings.

I complimented her on her exquisite taste in lingerie, and asked if I could see the whole set. With all the propriety of a noblewoman, Louise Dakotah stood up, and with the grace of a ballerina, did a little pirouette while her skirt sank to the floor. Her back, lean and muscular, was evidence enough that she is a professional rider. I began to wonder if she preferred to be on top during sex. "I wear things like this everyday," she confided. "It's so humid here, in the southern states of America, I hate to have to wear clothes. Frilly little things, like this, make the day a bit more... interesting." I was definitely interested, and my camera man was breathing hard.

Louise Dakotah continued to peel off layers, exposing creamy, upturned nipples, set atop firm and flawless breasts. "It is just so hot in here," she sighed. "Would you mind too terribly if I kicked off my knickers, as well?" Beneath that sweet little pink satin bow was a tidy blonde bundle of hair... and beneath that, a pink-lipped pussy just begging to be kissed. I'd read that about European women, preferring a bush over our preference for being clean-shaven. I wondered if it would feel any different. Now, I'm a professional, so I won't say how sweet she tasted on my tongue, but I will tell you that Louise Dakotah was a real lady about it. And I won't tell her husband how much she loves a lesbian encounter, every now and then. She, of course, kept her silk stockings on, just for me.

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