Tonya Mature Morning Porn

Tonya is Anilos' newest blonde bombshell from across the Atlantic. This erotic Englishwoman posed for us wearing her royal, purple ensemble of satin bra and panty set, and wore black silk stockings for the occasion. We asked her to show us how she masturbates (her favorite fetish!), and Tonya began by slipping her bra down to her tiny waist. She started massaging her nipples, at first with soft, circular motions, but then firmly grabbing her C-cup titties, lifting them while pinching her nipples roughly. This got Tonya moaning, and her pussy was dripping with wet anticipation!

From under the pillow, she pulled out a pink acrylic dildo! And this toy was definitely designed for maximum pleasure: long enough to grip while still getting full penetration, and full of little "pearls" along the top of the shaft to stimulate her clitoris from the underside, while her fingertips pulled and stroked on top. Slipping that lucite lady toy deep into her mature and hungry pussy was easy- it just popped right in- and Tonya gave us quite a view of the tender pink flesh deep inside the core of her pussy. Stroking the toy deeper in, and slowly gliding it out to just the head, and plunging back in really got this ivory skinned milf creamy with cum when she finally moaned out the last throbbing wave of her climax.

After her climax, Tonya sat up and began to suck her sweet juices off the head and shaft of her toy! With her blonde hair tousled after masturbating for us, Tonya gave us a great shot of how a horny, cock-hungry mommy looks first thing in the morning! When she had thoroughly cleaned her dildo with her tongue, tasting every last drop of her silky pussy juices, and tucked it safely back under her pillow, Tonya confessed that she masturbates like this almost every morning. "I've learned it's best to get myself off before I head into the office- else I'd fuck every man I work with before afternoon tea!" Of course, we'd love to see that, too! Want to see more of Tonya, and help take part in her morning ritual? Want to get off with her before you have to go to the office? Join® right now for exclusive access to this British bombshell, as well as thousands of hot milfs and mature ladies just waiting for you!

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