Lenny Big Bush Business

Lenny is a secretary at a doctor's office. Not surprisingly, he is her gynecologist as well, and he's scheduled her for her annual exam since the office has been slow. He's got a thing for dirty blondes, and he's had the hots for Lenny since he first took over this practice. The retiring Physician has told him that Lenny is always ready to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone on staff is happy. The doctor also warned that Lenny can be quite efficient. Why would that be a bad thing? The new doctor soon discovered for himself when Lenny arrived for her appointment. Without waiting for a gown, she stripped out of her suit so that the doctor would have an easier time giving her a full exam. Flinging her black lace panties across the room, Lenny declared "Doctor, I'm ready for you."

What the doctor didn't know is that Lenny had the hots for him, and had been planning on seducing him the first opportunity she got. This Milf was in a hurry to show the doctor her goods, and how playfully she approaches sex. Bent over the lucite chair, Lenny's long legs are beautifully framed by nothing but a pair of black sling back high heels and the dark contrast of her briefcase. A tribal tattoo graces her slender ankle, adding the notion of something wild and exotic within the mind of this secretary. This is also echoed by the natural state of her pubic hair- a wild, untamed bush curling out from the petals of her labia. Bent over the chair, Lenny begins to comb through her bush, letting her splayed fingers find the sweet spot hidden within the hairs. She begins to stroke her mature sex drive with each touch upon her clitoris.

The doctor is beyond intrigued. Most women he's seen don't have any hair on their pussies. But Lenny's bush has never seen a razor, and he can smell her musky sweet scent from across the room. Lenny knows she's got the doctor under her spell, and she begins a slow masturbation for him, dipping just the tips of her long fingernails into her mature pussy. And then two fingers, in and out of her throbbing and wet bushy pussy, inciting the doctor's arousal. And though her belly-button piercing glints in the sunny lighting, he can't tear his eyes away from her furry labia. He wants her, all professional ethics aside. And Lenny knows it! Want to find out how this tale of mature seduction plays out? Want to see the sweet rewards the doctor receives for his rapt attention to her most pressing concern? Wish you could help sate this horny secretary? You can have Lenny fulfill all of your fantasies at Anilos.com®, your premier source for mature milfs and sexy secretaries alike!

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