Lenny Seductive Strip Tease

Lenny has just come in from a party, in which she played the mature seductress all night. Though the sun is rising, Lenny is just now settling down. Her sexiness has stamina! She begins a slow strip-tease, shimmying out of her sparkling black dress. She begins by pulling the shoulders of her dress down, slipping her arms out of the garment so that her breasts are freed from the itchy fabric. Continuing to wriggle out of her dress, Lenny catches her reflection in the mirror, and pretends to taunt with her luscious ass, slowly revealing the creamy ivory skin of each cheek. A black g-string thong accents her perfectly rounded hips. Ridding herself entirely of the dress, Lenny rolls onto her back to pull the black thong clear of her satiny black slingback high heels. Her blonde bush peeks out from her thighs as Lenny opens and closes her long, lovely legs in a criss-crossing scissors motion. Finally free of all her clothes, excepting her black high heels, Lenny stretches her inner things, spreading her legs wide and invitingly, allowing her pubic hair to unfurl across the lips of her vagina. But Lenny isn't stripping down to go to sleep- she's got something far more naughty in mind. Want to find out what erotic thoughts are running through Lenny's mind? Want to learn more about this blonde, big bushed milf? Get to know Lenny, or chose among thousands of hot and horny housewives, only at Anilos.com®!

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