Bella Busty Horny Milf

Bella is a master at the art of seduction. Her first and only career, as an exotic dancer, has taught her more than most women how to really please a man. She always wears lingerie, no matter the day of the week, so that her lover's eyes always have something to gaze upon. Today, she's getting ready to enact one of her favorite fetishes: to have honey poured onto her huge tits, and to have them licked clean by her lover! Removing her black lace bra, her firm and full breasts are capped by erect nipples, tingling in anticipation of her favorite foreplay. Kneeling on the bed in black fishnet stockings, Bella is basically breathless with desire!

Leaning back onto the pillows, Bella giggles while she artfully removes the garters from her stockings. Her black thong is already wet through, and her pussy is dripping with the lust that is rippling through her body. It's a rare treat, indeed, for a mature mistress who spends her nights pleasing an audience to get such an intimate pampering for herself. The butterfly tattoo upon her firm belly seems to dance with every anxious breath Bella draws as she continues to remove the garters. She wants nothing between her lover's tongue upon her breasts... and eventually, her creaming pussy.

Bella slips off her panties, keeping the garter belt and stockings on, and raises one tanned leg high in the air to allow a premium perspective of her silky sienna pussy lips. Her clitoris is bejeweled with a piercing, and glistening with wet desire. As she spreads open her lips, the sweet pink meat of her honeypot is tantalizing against the cold metallic gleam of her piercing. So tender, and yet so tough. Laughing with pleasure, with complete abandonment to her sexual appetite, Bella is a beautiful, busty bite! And there's more, so much more to see. Come inside and whet your appetite for busty babes and milky milfs. Check out Bella's sweet sexiness, and see a few more of the moves she's saving for your private lap dance. Only for you. Only at®.

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