Bella Hot and Horny

Bella, our bigtit brunette, has recently decided to take up weight lifting to help keep her mature body firm and flawless. She doesn't want to get old, or have flabby arms like women of her grandmother's generation did. So she's invested in a bench and a few free weights, installing them in her garage so she can work out naked if she chooses. Since she's working her upper body today, Bella has decided she's not going to wear a bra (or a shirt for that matter), because she wants to really see her technique. She loves watching her lean muscles work under her bronzed skin. After a few sets, Bella is feeling hot and sticky. Though she's only wearing sneakers and a sheer black g-string thong, even that is too much to bear in the humidity. Peeling her panties off, Bella reveals a pierced clit which keeps getting stuck to the vinyl seat of the bench. The slight tugging sensation begins to really turn on this milf, and Bella struggles to remain focused on her workout. She gets ready to shift her workout to using resistance bands, but her arousal makes Bella start to consider the bands' value for sexual purposes. She had never before considered being bound while she participated in her favorite fetish: having her lover lick sticky and sweet condiments from her huge tits. Just thinking about her fetish, along with the introduction some bondage, makes Bella's mature pussy begin to throb. "Fuck it," she sighs, "I need to climax more than my muscles do." Dropping the bands onto the gym floor, Bella leans back on the bench and begins to massage her swollen clit. Her piercing clacks against the tips of her long, french-manicured fingernails as she rubs furiously at her wet pussy. What a workout! Want to get your blood pumping (as if it isn't already) watching Bella work out? Would you like to be the lucky guy licking whipped cream off of her full and fabulous breasts? Perhaps you prefer a little bondage? Try her on for size exclusively at®.

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