Bella Exotic Masturbator

Beautiful Bella is a busty brunette who is horny all the time. Her career as an exotic dancer keeps her sex drive ramped up, and she knows more than a thing or two about the art of seduction. "It isn't all about knowing how to take your clothes off in an appealing way. Exotic dance is the art of making a complete stranger desire you. And if you don't know what turns you on, or don't appreciate your body as a sexual instrument, you just can't be successful." Bella tosses her long locks playfully as she hooks her finger through the frilly black babydoll panties she's wearing. "You have to like the way it feels as you remove whatever you're wearing. It has to turn you on for the real appeal to show through. Lots of women in my profession think they can fake it, but I never fake anything!" Bella taunts herself and the camera while she shows us exactly how it should be done. "It should be like watching a flower unfold to bask in the sun. Every surface needs to feel the rays and be celebrated." Bella's signature color is black, and all of her lingerie is contrast with little feminine details. Bows and strings tease the eye, just like her huge tits are topped with luscious rose colored nipples. "I am horny all the time, but only when I'm at home can I relieve my frustration," she giggles as she pulls out a black nubby dildo. "It's not as big as being with a real black man, but this little toy just hits the spot!" Bella beautifully fucks herself, and you can watch her strip tease from beginning to climactic end, but only at®.

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