Tacori Blu Milf Sex

Tacori Blu is all dressed up tonight because she just won the prestigious Realtor of the Year award. Her manager has tagged along after the award dinner to share in a more personal celebration with her. He's been hot for Tacori since she started in the business several years ago. Now that she's proved to be successful in their professional partnership, he'd like to see how a more intimate coupling would work. After opening a bottle of champagne, and toasting her success, he pulls her into his embrace. Holding her firmly against him, he ventures first one kiss, then another as his searing desire courses through his body. Tacori Blu feels his intensity, stroking his growing cock through his trousers. She admits to herself that she's always been curious, but this will take their working partnership to a whole new level.

He continues to kiss her, slipping her slinky dress off her shoulders, and deftly unclasping her bra. He tosses her pink bra aside, and trails his kisses down her neck to suck on her nipples. Catching the breath that his passionate kisses have stolen from her lips, Tacori takes advantage of the moment to acknowledge him. "I want to thank you for giving me a place in the realty group, and for helping me to be successful every step of the way." He suggests that she show her gratuity in another way. Her smile may be intoxicating, but the sincerity in her amber eyes as she looks up at him from her knees tells the truth. She gladly takes his fat cock into her mouth, sucking him deeper into her mouth, taking him into her throat. Her big breasts beautifully bare, nipples hard with the building excitement Tacori always feels when giving head.

Giving head to her boss makes her pussy so hot and wet, and she's craving the sensation of his big dick inside her. Tacori gives his head a few more kisses before pushing him onto the counter. She mounts him in reverse cowgirl, slowly sliding his cock into her wet, mature pussy. As she rides him with long strokes up and down his shaft, her pussy milking his pleasure and her own, Tacori teases her clit with her free hand. She's going to cum all over her boss tonight! Still wearing her high heels, Tacori Blu sets the standard in so many ways, providing a perfect example of what a woman on top should be. Schedule your own celebration with Tacori at Anilos.com®, and see if she represents the gold standard for mature sex appeal from among thousands of hot and horny milfs and cougars.

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