Tacori Blu Office Exposure

Tacori Blu is back in the office on Thursday. Now that she's fucked her boss, Tacori Blu can't help but feel horny every time she passes his office. Recalling how expertly he coaxed her into three orgasms that night, Tacori's pussy begins to tingle with anticipation! Luckily, everyone is out of the office, either for lunch or showing homes to clients, so Tacori takes advantage of the privacy to strip down into her bra and panties. Toying with the idea of efficiency, Tacori decides to remove only her panties so she can get her lunchtime masturbation session in faster. But Tacori loves playing with her big, firm breasts, so she decides it must all come off. Slowly pulling off one strap from her shoulder, then the other, Tacori's large breasts are slowly uncovered, released from the lacy bondage of her green lingerie. It's thrilling to be naked in the office because Tacori is a bit of an exhibitionist. The risk of being discovered, and hopefully by her boss, makes Tacori's body ripple with excitement! She quickly retrieves her "back massager" from the bottom drawer of her file cabinet, and settles into her office chair for a quick rub down of her only aching muscle: her sweet milfpie! Turning her makeshift dildo onto the lowest setting, Tacori slowly starts up the tension that will result in a perfect orgasm. She'll only have time for one this afternoon, so she intends to make it quality! As her mature pussy begins to drip with wet excitement, Tacori begins to up the amperage on her massager until it's humming, making this cougar purr like a kitten. As the tension increases, Tacori spreads her legs even wider, opening completely to the orgasm quaking through her body. Waiting until the final spasms ripple through her cervix, Tacori Blu feels completely satisfied and re-energized, as only a mature woman can. Watch Tacori Blu in even more hardcore action than this, exclusively at Anilos.com®, and share a little office quickie with her yourself!

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