Jena Jackson Anilos Aviator

Jena Jackson's latest hobby is learning how to fly. She's just getting in from her weekend lesson, and is so ready to strip out of her flight suit. She looks hot wearing her aviator sunglasses, her long blonde hair pinned up in back, and there is a daring look in this cougar's eyes. Beneath, Jena wears cherry colored lace bra and panties, a sweet surprise under the drab green of her flight suit. "I am a sexy woman. Why shouldn't I wear such fabulous undergarments?" Jena has an ulterior motive, though- a secret crush on her flight instructor. He's about a decade younger than Jena, but she's no stranger to that. "I keep waiting for the day when he's brave enough to approach me. Every weekend I go prepared to wow him with what I've got underneath."

"If he had brought me home this afternoon, I would just pretend I was dying of heat in my flight suit, and I'd slowly unzip the top. Give him a little peek of my red bra. If he kept looking, I'd know I had him! Then, I'd take the suit farther off, giving him a much better view." Jena has all the instincts of a cougar, and knows how a bit of slow yet overt taunting can help her ensnare her prey. Like all milfs, Jena is a little tender, a little tough. The tattoo on her arm indicates she's not afraid to bare her wild side, while the soft gaze in her hazel eyes longs for the pleasure that can only be found in conquest. Jena isn't shy about going out to get the satisfaction she craves. "I may be 39, but that only means that I know what I want."

Jena Jackson's smoking hot body belies her age. She's firm and fit, displaying a lithe musculature beneath curves in all the right places. Her full breasts sit high on her chest, and her ass and thighs are nice and rounded. "I love when men tell me how young I look! It's such a thrill. I work hard to stay fit- makes it much easier to date men half my age!" Jena returns to the fantasy of having her flight instructor there with her. "He's got such a great smile! All he'd have to do is flash that grin at me, and I'd let him take me right here in my living room!" Jena's long blonde hair barely grazes her tight ass as she arches her back. See how easy it would be to make this cougar fly high into the ultimate pleasure? Take your turn, exclusively at®.

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