Alexandra Silk Anilos Sexy

Alexandra Silk has Mondays off. Time which she uses to pay bills, check her email, and play both computer solitaire and a personal game of sexual solitaire. Dressed in a gorgeous shade of plum, Alexandra Silk's creamy mature skin and hazel eyes are set radiantly behind the soft velour of her shirt. "It seems silly to dress up on a day off, but I like getting all dolled up. If I feel sexy, I feel on top of the world." Wearing a pearl necklace and studded black high heels, Alexandra covers both realms of sex appeal: she's edgy and daring, and a perfectly polished lady. "And my signature pretty panties. Hot pink polka dots today!" Alexandra is silky from head to toe, to the tips of her freshly polished french manicured nails.

Alexandra Silk has been watching porn online and is feeling really turned on. Once you get her mature sexual engine running, she'll keep going at it, like a deisel, until she reaches her finish. But she doesn't want to cream all over her clothes, so Alexandra carefully peels back her blouse revealing a black demi bra. Quickly she slips off her flounced skirt to reveal that the only thing between her fingertips and her mature pussy are those sexy pink polka-dot panties. Her stockings have backseams running all the way up to her toned thighs. She unclasps her bra and tosses it aside, gently cupping and lifting her full breasts until her nipples harden as she pinches them between her perfectly polished fingertips.

Pulling her polka-dot panties clear of first her knees, then her high heels, Alexandra reveals her mature mound. Tightly trimmed to just a sparse brunette bush, her pussy is perfectly framed by her pubic hair. "Older women tend to want younger men because they have the stamina to keep at it longer. Unfortunately, older women just need more action to get us in the mood. That's part of the reason I work so hard to keep my sex drive in full tilt. I'd hate to miss out on a hard cock because it was taking too long for me to get wet." Sage advice from a hot older woman. Think you've got what it takes to please a milf like Alexandra Silk? Make sure you check out all of her exclusive content, the most and best available on the web, or choose from thousands of women just to your liking. Only for you, only at®.

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