Alexandra Silk Cum Anilos

Alexandra Silk is spending her Sunday afternoon lounging around the house in a light and airy chemise, white lace boyshort panties and matching white silk stockings. "I don't like to have to wear clothes, especially when I'm just lying around the house. I'm far too horny to let a buch of fabric interfere with pleasuring myself if no one is around." Pulling her chemise off, Alexandra shows us that she's not wearing a bra. Her full milf titties stand pertly upright, her nipples hard and distended. "And I don't think there are more pleasurable sensations than the blow of the air conditioning across my body. I get goodebumps all over. It tickles!" she confesses as she slowly strips out of her ensemble. Alexandra Silk runs her satiny fingertips down her body, hooking them in the waistband of her lace panties. "I always wear sexy or playful panties. I like to look hot!" Alexandra Silk gets her sexual engine revved up by stretching all of her tight muscles in some very sexy, mature poses. Her long brunette locks twirl down her back reaching all the way to her ass, and she tosses her ponytail over her shoulder to let its silky softness tickle and tease her titties, too. Retrieving her beloved vibrator from under the couch cushions, Alexandra begins to rub the pulsing toy over her body. "That feels so good!" she illustrates, waving the wand up and across her hard nipples and soft breasts. Trailing her toy further down, Alexandra Silk finds the sweet spot- her cougar cunt- and pushes the toy into her dripping we desire. Want to watch?® has more exclusive content than any other site online, guaranteed!

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