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Imagine living on the beach, in paradise, in a beautiful home surrounded by people you love. Sounds like a dream, right? Well for 38 year old, Filipino wife and mother, Lucky Starr, this is more than just a dream - it's her reality. This sexy MILF grew up in Miami Beach, Florida with her grandparents, and now lives there today with a family of her own. We caught up with her outside, next the pool, at her gorgeous estate. "I know I am lucky. Why do you think they call me that? I get to be treated like a goddess by the man I love, work at a bakery making all the things I've always loved to make, and have the most beautiful children in the world. Something went very right for me." Lucky is wearing white sunglasses and a matching white blouse, over a very sexy black bikini. She lifts her glasses over her eyes, to show off her adorable baby face. Perhaps the sexiest thing about this mature woman is her ability to still have a childish charm, an innocence we can feel - even through her naughtiness and sexuality. She turns around to show off her cute, round ass, and we are blown away, just as we have been all day. This lady really does have it going on. From her pretty face, to her perky natural boobs, and her hot, toned ass, there is no way not to be into this smoking hot Asian MILF. Her legs look long and fit in her black high heels, and we can hardly wait to see the rest of her. Next, Lucky removes her top and sets it down, as she lies back on a chaise lounge. "There's nothing like the Florida sun. I love spending time out here, and when I have the house to myself, I definitely like to get a little naughty. I used to just tan nude, but I've gotten into the habit of getting myself off here as well... I can't help it! I love the rush of being out doors!" Her black bikini looks perfect on her, and she wastes no time in pulling her top down to show off her hard nipples. Lucky is so charming it's easy to forget that all of this is actually happening. She unhooks her bikini top and turns around, showing off her ass for the camera again. She starts to pull the bottoms down, and we are now officially beaming. See our newest Anilo sexually strip, and then pleasure herself just for you, exclusively available in the members only section of®.

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