Cathy Oakely Gallery Mature

Cathy Oakely has definitely been a pleasure to spend time with! From her genuine excitement about modeling, to her rock hard body, and of course her super erotic, one of a kind orgasms - she's definitely got it going on! She asked if she could wear her favorite lingerie outfit for her last set, especially since her husband was due home from work and she knew how much he liked it! "Maybe we can get him on camera too!" That would be a good time, if you ask me! We wait in Cathy's room as she changes into her last outfit, and suddenly hear the phone ring. Cathy runs out to get it, apologizes to us then picks up. "That's too bad, I just got all dolled up for you! Was really hoping we could have some fun, but I understand." She hangs up the phone and tells us, "he has to work late. He always has to work late! I wanna cum harder than I have all day, just to get back at him!" It's clear she's not really upset, but it's also clear that she's serious about having her most intense orgasm of the day - and that sounds like a great idea too! Cathy looks stunning with a black flower headband in her short blonde hair, a light pink bustier, sheer pink panties underneath, and matching black and pink thigh high stockings. We can see why it's her favorite! She leans back in her chair, and unhooks her garter. She lets her tits fall out, over the bustier, and then slowly pulls her panties down, over her knees and onto the floor. She turns around, straddling the chair with her back to us. She reaches down to touch her sexy, stockinged foot, and rubs it for a while. She she moves her hand off her foot, and onto her shaved pussy, from behind. She grinds her hips, and arches her back until she's right on the edge of release. She then stands up, puts her sexy black high heels on, and lifts a foot up onto the arm of her hair. She balances herself with one arm, while she uses the other hand to continue rubbing her clit and fingering herself. Cathy throws her head back, closes her eyes, and bites her lip as she orgasms. You do not want to miss this sexy cougar's masturbation session, and you don't have to! Check out the full photo set and video exclusively at the premier site for horny mature women -®.

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