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"Let's get these boxers off of you baby, we both know you won't be needing them," said sexy blonde cougar Sindy Lange as she pulled her most recent conquest's white boxers down with one hand, while stroking his hard cock with the other. "I love this cock so much, I can't help it. You already know how much yoiu love my blow jobs, don't you." Sindy firmly gripped the base of his shaft, then proceeded to lick her lips and then wrap them around the head of his penis. She bobbed back and forth, rubbing her tongue along every inch of him, as her held her hair back behind her head. We're happy to introduce you to our newest Anilo, Colorado native, Sindy.

What she told us was going to be a massage to help calm her nerves before we started filming turned into a smoking hot, impromptu sex scene between her and her friend Eric. "This is what I love about my life - people my age are usually married, with kids, and have absolutely no sex life. But me? I have plans with my sexy friend, and all of a sudden, I have a perfect cock in my mouth, and I know I've got at least one orgasm coming my way soon!" Eric moved back towards the massage table, hopping up to sit on it. Sindy wasted no time following his lead, and straddled him reverse cowgirl. Her big perky boobs bounced as she pumped up and down, loving the way his huge cock felt inside her wet, shaved pussy. She threw her head back and moaned loudly as she came, her arms both using his chest to balance herself.

Sindy turned her head and smiled over her shoulder, as she looked him in the eyes and said "Make me cum again Eric - show me how perfect that cock really is." Eric was determined and quickly spun her around. He smiled as he admired her perfect tits, flat stomach, and sexy pussy - then grabbed her ass with both hands and guided her hips in a circular motion. He fucked her gently like this for a while, taking time to play with her clit with his fingers, caress her body with his hands, and kiss, lick, and nibble her all over. Sindy came again, this time even harder than the first. See this full scene for yourself - photos and video - only at®.

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