Eva Karera Anilos Nude Wife

Imagine a gorgeous thirty six year old woman with big brown eyes, long dark hair, huge tits, and a perfectly sculpted body. Now, add unsurpassed sexual desire, curiosity, and open-mindedness. What did you come up with? If you were thinking something along the lines of any MILF-lover's wet dream, you were right! We are proud to call Eva Karera this week's new Anilos model. This stunning Indiana-raised cougar has built up over fifteen years of sexual frustration, and newly single, she is ready to share all of herself with you! Eva looks great in everything she wears, but right now she looks especially sexy sporting a sheer black lingerie set. A barely there bra matches a tiny pair of panties, covered partially by a sheer tie-front garter. The clasps on the garter are fastened to lace topped thigh high stockings, and at the tip of her long, lean legs, she wears patent leather high heels.

Eva poses for the camera like a long time pro, completely comfortable wearing her lingerie out doors, even though a nosy neighbor could easily be enjoying a peep show and we'd have know way of knowing about it! Uninhibited she strips off the tiny bra, flinging it towards the house, and smiles. She runs her hands over her perfect body before turning around and slowly sashaying her way towards the iron gate on her balcony. When she arrives, she unclasps one of the links on her garter to allow more room to work on the only thing she can think about. Eva bends down, at the knees, and spreads her legs, before slowly slipping her hand down the front of her already soaked panties. She spends some times softly teasing her clit with her fingers, rubbing it, loving that she can seduce herself this way.

Forgetting about the cameras completely, Eva continues caressing and massaging her throbbing pussy until she's on the verge of an intense orgasm. She quickly stops, giggles a bit, then looks into the camera. "You didn't think I'd really cum without you, did you?" She slowly moves back up, her body noticeably quivering in pleasure. She gently moves her panties over her thighs, then ankles, then steps out of them ever so slowly. She walks towards a wooden stool she brought out with her earlier, and straddles it, her back and bare ass towards us. She stands up to put something small and shiny upright on the stool then moves down, letting it enter her. See this horny exhibitionist fuck herself outside until she cums, hard, exclusively on the premier site for horny mature women like herself, Anilos.com®.

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