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We find ourselves listening to our smoking hot mature blonde model's story as we sit down in the living room, while she gets ready for her next set. Her name is Mary Jane, and she has lived in sunny Orange County all of her life. "I first masturbated when I was 17 years old! Some might call me a late bloomer, but I'm almost happy I wasn't sexually experienced until I got to be a bit older. It made for a very different fantasy than I would have had years earlier. The first thing I got off to was this fantasy I had of me in the kitchen, as a wife or mom, cooking for the family, while they were all out of the house. I was only wearing an apron and heels, and I ended up stopping in the middle of making dinner to fuck myself!" As she says this, Mary Jane walks thru the door wearing exactly that. Her yellow apron is loosely tied behind her back, and her tiny black g-string is her only other piece of clothing, besides her black high heels. "I don't know how or why it came to me, but it did - and it worked! Today we're going actually going to make it happen!" MJ pulls two strings on her apron and it falls to the ground, she turns around to open the fridge and returns with a few large vegetables in her hands. With a large carrot in one hand and a cucumber in the other, she slowly slips her tiny panties to the ground. She sucks on the cucumber, sloppy blow job style, for a moment then lifts one left and slowly inserts it into her tight, wet pussy. She bites her lip as the large object stimulates every spot she could've hoped it would hit, then moves it in and out, slowly. As her pace increases, so does her pleasure, and the sexy cougar soon falls to the ground and spreads her legs, straddling the vegetable-turned-dildo. As she cums, her eyes close and she throws her head back, moaning. You can see the full photo set and video of this kinky kitchen play exclusively in the member's only section of®.

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