Mary Jane Milf Babes

Mary Jane is a hot mature blonde from California with great tits and an even greater attitude! Mature women tend to be more experimental and open minded in general, but this firecracker has a way of turning any situation into a sexy one! MJ and her husband have been slowly but surely renovating their house for quite some time now, but the construction workers aren't around today. "I have a really great idea, I'll meet you in the study," she tells us with a mischievous look on her face. When MJ returns she is wearing a white tank top, a short jean mini skirt, construction boots, and a blue plaid short sleeve button down. She picks up a hard hat from the desk and giggles.

"I've thought about doing this too many times to have not actually tried it!" Mary puts the hard hat on then unties the blue shirt and tosses it onto the desk beside her. After, she rolls her tank top up to expose her perfectly flat stomach and perky little tits. She grabbed two pliers of the ladder she was standing next to, and slowly lifted them to her chest. She opened them both with her fingers and placed the clamps around her nipples. Slowly, she closed the tools around them, and winced in pain and pleasure. "Wow. That was really hot I want more."

Mary Jane climbs down from the ladder and grabs an electric drill. She runs to the other room and returns holding a big, flesh colored dildo. MJ places the drill end into the open bottom of the dildo, and turns it on, creating her own rendition of a classic "fucking machine." Quickly, she falls to the floor, leans over on her side, and switches the power on her new home made toy to on. As the dildo moves with the force of the power tool, she fucks herself from behind with it, almost yelling in ecstasy. It's not long before this hot blonde is cumming harder than she could have imagined. See the full construction fantasy photo set and video available exclusively at the premier website for horny mature ladies like herself -®.

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