Dee Siren Busty Mature

At the mature age of thirty eight years old, Dee Siren is the perfect busty blonde MILF, in every sense of the word! This cougar is living the dream in a beautiful home, with a loving husband, and a newly moved out daughter - and not to mention, looking hotter than ever before! "What's my secret? Oh! I don't have one! If I had to pick something I suppose I'd say luck and good genes… And yoga! I do yoga every day… I'm happy to stretch my body out too - the best sex is with the most flexible women!" We will take her word for it, especially since she's invited us to observe her sexy morning yoga routine today!

Dee is wearing a tight, somewhat sheer white tank top, that shows just a hint of what we can only imagine are perfect pink nipples, and no bra. On bottom, she has bright aqua blue sweats on, that hug her hips and thighs in all the right ways. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a pony tail, and a matching aqua blue headband keeps the rest out of her face. Smiling big as she slowly twists her body, stretching out in preparation for her daily routine, Dee can't help being a sex pot! Without warning she turns around, starts to bend over at the waist, then stops only to pull down her blue sweats and expose the most amazing angle of her big round ass and perfect shaved pussy. She touches her hands to the ground, and shoots a glance back at the camera, still smiling playfully!

As she returns to a standing position, Dee lets her sweats fall all the way down, and steps out of them. She doesn't mention the fact that her beautiful mature pussy is on display as she continues her yoga routine, allowing us angles we've only imagined seeing in our dreams. Then, Dee lifts her top from the bottom hem, and pulls it up, slowly and carefully. As she passes her chest, her two huge breasts and gorgeous hard nipples point out happily. She bounces her body up and down at the waist, enjoying the inevitable reaction of her huge tits, mimicking the bouncing motion a few times after she's stopped moving. Make sure you see this gorgeous blonde get down and dirty on her yoga mat in the full photo set and video of this sensual workout solo shoot, available exclusively on®.

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