Holly Jane Free Milf

Our newest hot and horny mature model is a fiery red headed southern bell from Atlanta, Georgia. Holly Jane just celebrated her thirty third birthday, and she's proud to say it! When we asked her if she still enjoys her birthday she happily replied, "I love my birthday! I've always thought older women possessed a certain power - and every year I understand more and more! I get more comfortable with who I am, more open minded, and finally, more and more horny by the day! It's wild! My sex drive is off the charts these days, I just can't get enough of my husband - or myself!" This gorgeous cougar told us that she starts every day with a nice, hot bubble bath - and didn't hesitate to offer us a front row seat to today's! After pulling her long auburn hair back in a bun, Holly carefully stepped out of her clothes and into the tub. She sighed happily as her perfect, thin frame was engulfed with warm water and soapy suds, caressing her tits and nipples as she closed her eyes happily. "I got into the habit of these morning baths a while back, and now I don't feel like my day has really started until I enjoy one! It might have something to do with starting the day with something sensual, I always feel very womanly afterwards. Especially when I get some real bath time play…" Happily massaging her body with body wash, Holly lets her finger tips linger on her big perky tits, thighs, and finally her sweet, yearning pussy. She coyly smiles at the camera, as if she's asking permission to continue touching herself, but does not wait for a response. She lifts herself out of the tub and rests on the ledge, leaning back on her bright blue wall. Her delicate, perfectly positioned and trimmed landing strip is exposed for the first time, and we can't help but smile at the site. She reaches for a clear glass dildo and gently runs its ridges over her crotch, shivering at the contrast of the cold glass on her warm pussy. As she pushes the dildo deep inside of her, her body shivers in pleasure and a quick moan slips out before she resumes moving the toy in and out again. She continues thrusting it back and forth, her pace quickening with each push and pull, until she is clearly on the verge of orgasm. See this horny cougar get creative while she finishes herself off in the full photo set and video of her steamy bath tub solo play! You can find it, and many more sexy MILF and mature lady content on the premier site for hotties like this one, Anilos.com®.

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