Amanda Milf Pic

The unbelievably sexy 30 year old Amanda moved into my neighborhood several years ago, and I have to admit, I was instantly attracted to her. She never seemed to fit the stereotypical intelligent and sophisticated scholar look, as her beauty far surpassed anything I have seen! When I first heard her charming and sweet voice chime through the air, I felt like a piece of shrapnel drawn to her magnetic beauty. What is a neighbor to do when you have someone this incredible right next door? My lust and adoration grew stronger every time I would gaze in wonderment at her bedroom window when she would pass by completely nude.

After sitting out back for some time, I grew quite fond and aware of her habits. Let me tell you, Amanda is one horny cougar! She is practically always nude when she is at home, and she masturbates every day. I am starting to wonder if she is actually doing it because she knows I am watching. Perhaps she is a secret exhibitionist? My favorite thing to see her in is her lacy thigh high stockings and high heels. Her long satin legs stretch way up to meet perfectly at the bottom of her plump juicy ass.

Amanda often dresses up to pleasure her yearning pussy. It is so apparent when she is turned on because she will lie on her back and caress her full natural breasts. Pinching her nipples ever so slightly, she does this thing where she arches her back and inserts her fingers deep inside the warm wetness of her twat. When Amanda is done cumming, she then sticks her sticky sweet fingers on her hot moist tongue and licks off the creamy treat. Watching Amanda's daily masturbation is such a sexy sight, and you can see it all is high quality photo sets only on®!

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