Amanda Anilos Woman

As a neighbor of the 30 year old Amanda, I can't help but stare into her home when she waltzes around in the nude. I think she knows that I sometimes watch her because she like to put on masturbation 'shows'. She will dress up in hot lingerie and slowly strip until she is full on touching herself, screaming and cumming. Watching her masturbate is the hottest thing you could ever see! Often times, she is in the kitchen when she is overcome with a lustful desire to pleasure her craving twat. She will dress up for the smallest tasks like washing her dishes so she can reward herself for all of her hard work.

Once she finally completes her chores, she will slip off her clothes, leaving only skimpy lingerie to cling to her tiny waist. Watching in awe, I have seen Amanda hop up on her counter and spread her legs far apart. After lathering her body with the silky suds from her sink, she actually started grinding on the counter top because she was so turned on. With slight movements on the hard cold counter not being enough to fully satisfy her thirst for clitoral stimulation, Amanda started to rub the suds on her pussy.

There is no way Amanda doesn't know that I stand outside watching this all happen before my eyes. The way she moves and the positions that she gets her body into are almost indescribable. Changing from sitting down with her legs spread, she turned over and assumed a position on all fours. I could barely see that sweet pink pussy of hers because she was fingering herself so hard. Stroking in and out, her fingers glided with ease, and were soon covered in her hot, sticky, creamy cum. You can see exactly what I am talking about if you visit®. Amanda puts on a show you have to see to believe!

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