Charlee Chase Outdoor Erotica

Charlee Chase, 35 years old, absolutely loves showing off her sexy curvaceous body for me by doing a naughty striptease. I was so excited to hear that my girlfriend was going to strip down to flaunt her sexual abilities by the pool. Charlee's smoking hot body is one that you just cannot keep your eyes off of. Her full luscious breasts were hidden beneath a tiny tube top, while her tight twat seemed to be tantalizingly in view under her thong bikini bottoms. As she began her sultry and seductive dance, Charlee would slide her mini skirt up her long toned legs. "You like this baby?" she asked. "Do you want to see me get naked for you?" Her questions were igniting the smoldering erotic passion within me as I was watching Charlee sway her womanly curves back and forth. Her skirt finally dropped to the ground leaving her bikini bottoms as the only thing separating her succulent pussy and my eyes. She began groping her soft round tits as her legs parted slightly. Grinding the air as if she were sitting on a hard cock, she started to moan like she needed to pleasure herself. The excitement was building within Charlee when she ripped off her top and gave the first view of her scrumptious boobs. Pulled into tight and firm peaks, her nipples were the tangible evidence of her erotically enhanced desires. When the lustful cravings and sexual movements were too much for Charlee to handle, she stripped off her bottoms to let her cream filled twat come out to play. When she bent over to pull them all the way down, Charlee's perky firm ass was strait up in the air. Taunting met, she kept it there knowing that it is exactly how I like to fuck her. What she does next by the pool is seriously unbelievable! Her pleasure starving pussy gets the attention it needs, and you can see the full video at®; the premiere website that brings sexy horny cougars new every week!

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Charlee Chase Backyard Fantasies

Never in a million years would I have guessed my incredible girlfriend, Charlee Chase's age at 35 when I met her! There is such a playful youth to her spirit and a feisty vitality to her sexual prowess. Watching her on this shoot was a thrill I will have to try very hard to describe, because it is literally something you just have to see to understand! Charlee walked out in this tiny sundress that just showed off how tiny her waist is, and how soft her curvy hips are. She sat down on a bench outside to begin teasing the camera with peeks up her dress and glances at her huge tits.

While she was slipping her dress up, she began flirting and bouncing between the lines of sweet innocence and naughty sex vixen. This combination, the clash of sexual nature, was so incredibly sexy! While gently caressing her soft legs, she would whisper in a seductive voice, "I just want to cum so bad". She reached back over her bite-able round ass to pull her turquoise satin thong to the side of her soft shaved pussy lips. You could see the sweet pussy juice inside of her twat. Like an ice cold glass of water on a hot summer day, that twat nectar was just begging to be licked up!

"Oh my God that feels SO good!" she blurted out when her fingers slid into her sopping wet juicebox with ease. Her soft pink flesh was being pounded away by her over eager hands. This conflicting idea of stereotypes is what I am talking about! Her angelic gaze was practically fooling the camera, while her naughty hands pleasured her cock hungry pussy with an intensity only paralleled by a pack of ravenous wolves. You absolutely have to watch Charlee finger fuck her pussy to know what I am talking about. Go to® to see the full video of her making herself cum

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Lisa Ann Busty Bikini

Turning 40 and getting a divorce hasn't slowed the sexy Lisa Ann down in the slightest. On the contrary, it has driven this tanned milf to take better care of her body and pursue all of the crazy sex she missed out on while she was spoken for. "I like to refer to my marriage as my lost decade. There was nothing wrong with my ex, but I've come to learn that I'm not meant to be tied down to one person. With a hot body like this, who would want to be? There is just so much out there to experience and now I'm free to do it all."

Showing herself off in a string bikini at her apartment complex's public pool has become Lisa's first order of business on the slow summer days when most of the residents are away at work. "I love coming out here and oiling myself up to work on my tan. It's especially nice after I've been at the gym and all I want to do is cool down in the pool and lounge around for the rest of the afternoon." When the public area is particularly deserted, Lisa loves to take things a daring step further and remove her bikini top when she sunbathes.

"Tan lines are so gauche, and it's not like there's anyone around that will be scandalized," she laughs as she cups her heavy enhanced breasts and rubs suntan oil into them. With a quick pinch of her hard nipples, she lets them go and hooks her fingers into the strings on the sides of her bikini bottoms and releases them. Squirting another dolup of oil into her hand, she reaches behind her to rub it into her peachy ass. "Since it's so quiet today, there's no reason not to go all-out. I figure, who cares if someone walks by and sees me? This body is a treat for anyone to look at." You can watch this bronzed beauty oil herself all over and then finger herself by the pool until she cums right now only at®, so check it out now!

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Puma Swede Masturbates Outside

35 year old Puma Swede is a New Jersey girl through and through. In addition to keeping her buxom body fit and toned, Puma also has the confident Jersey attitude. "I'm not gonna lie, I'm all about making sure I come first, in every way you can imagine. So far that philosophy has served me well." Dressed in sexy sheer lingerie that props up her huge tits into incredible cleavage, Puma wanders out onto her patio to enjoy the lovely day. The warm breeze blows pleasantly against her tanned skin, playing through her long blonde hair and causing the little bows on her sheer bra to flutter. Enticed by the feeling of the gentle wind tickling at her skin, Puma settles herself on her patio furniture and runs her hands from the curve of her hip and up her slender tummy to rest beneath her stunning cleavage. She pinches her sensitive nipples through the silky fabric of her outfit, and then reaches up to slide the spaghetti straps down her shoulders. "This thing is nice and really gets my imagination going, but I think it's about time it came off." As she shimmies out of her tight lacy getup and slides the material down her stocking-clad legs, Puma's body sways with a sensual enticing rhythm. Nude from the waist up, the horny milf sinks onto her patio chair and spreads her legs wide to access her sensitive clitoris. Working her juicy slit with the fingers of one hand while she fondles her tits with her other hand, Puma soon has intense pleasure coursing through her body. "Being outside makes this seem really illicit and naughty. It's an incredible feeling!" From the way her moans build and then spill over into orgasmic cries, Puma isn't kidding about the great outdoors doing something for her! You can find high quality pics and video of this steamy sex-kitten masturbating until she cums right now only at®.

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Alysha Rylee Mature Milf Porn

"When the kids are away, mommy plays!" Alysha Rylee told us; and play she does! At 30 years old, this smoking hot MILF still enjoys time to herself to relax and please her sexual urges. This was the perfect hot summer day to throw on her sexy bikini, grab a popsicle and lay by the pool. Slowly sipping her spiked fruit punch, Alysha began to get a little tipsy and very frisky. After setting her drink down, she began to grope her full natural breasts. Licking and sucking on the icy cold sweetness, she then ran the sticky popsicle down her chest and in between her breasts. The sweet treat was melting and rolling down her chest causing her smooth tan skin to develop goosebumps. Getting increasingly turned on, Alysha's breathing started to grow heavier. She pulled her brightly colored bikini top to the side and circled her nipple with the stick. Immediately, her nipples became rock hard. After chilling her body with the treat, she then started to deep throat the popsicle. Shoving it far down her throat and sucking on the juices as if it were a huge cock, Alysha showed off her deep throating talents. Her treat was devoured and her pussy was throbbing; that left only one thing on her mind. Sex. Stripping out of her bathing suit was the first step toward her ultimate goal: pleasuring her yearning pussy. She then sprawled out her fully nude body on a lounge chair so she could spread her legs wide open. Alysha gave the perfect view of her clean shaved twat while she used her fingers to spread apart those juicy pussy lips of hers. Slow insertion of her fingers into the steaming hole sent her into a frenzied state of arousal. Her lips quivered as she pleasured herself. Rising and falling with every breath, Alysha's rock hard abs were showing her obvious sensation of ultimate bliss. Visit® to see Alysha strip down and pleasure herself by the pool.

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Georgie Mature Porn

Amazingly sexy, and unbelievably 45 years old, Georgie was the MILF of my fantasies. As I grew up with her son, I found myself thinking things about this amazing and beautiful woman more than I probably should have. How could I help myself? I would always see her in the hottest clothes that normal housewives just do not wear, ever! I always wanted so badly to rip her skimpy dresses off and lick her clit until she came. Her maturity and sexual ferociousness is exactly what attracted me to Georgie. She had this aura of kindness and a soft nurturing sensuality. This sensuality made her irresistible, and we eventually started having sex on a  regular basis. Wow was I a lucky guy! When I would come in to town from college, she knew the very first thing I would ask for. I loved watching her get all dressed up. She would try on so many different sexy outfits like short mini skirts and impossibly sheer tank tops. She would love to tease me with these clothes on and dance slowly as she dressed and undressed. Teasingly, she would spread her long smooth legs open so I could catch a glimpse at her tight juicy pussy. Bending over, allowing her supple round ass to slip right out from under her mini skirt, Georgie would bend over to caress her legs and insatiable feet. Pristine and perfectly shaved, her pussy had the allure like water to the desert. This activity of teasing me with her fully nude curves to getting dressed in the most tantalizing outfits was obviously one of my favorite things to witness with Georgie. You can watch Georgie play this naughty game of dress up while she fingers her craving pussy in full photo sets and on video, only on®, where the sexiest and horniest MILFs are just a click away! 

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Dee Siren Busty Mature

At the mature age of thirty eight years old, Dee Siren is the perfect busty blonde MILF, in every sense of the word! This cougar is living the dream in a beautiful home, with a loving husband, and a newly moved out daughter - and not to mention, looking hotter than ever before! "What's my secret? Oh! I don't have one! If I had to pick something I suppose I'd say luck and good genes… And yoga! I do yoga every day… I'm happy to stretch my body out too - the best sex is with the most flexible women!" We will take her word for it, especially since she's invited us to observe her sexy morning yoga routine today!

Dee is wearing a tight, somewhat sheer white tank top, that shows just a hint of what we can only imagine are perfect pink nipples, and no bra. On bottom, she has bright aqua blue sweats on, that hug her hips and thighs in all the right ways. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a pony tail, and a matching aqua blue headband keeps the rest out of her face. Smiling big as she slowly twists her body, stretching out in preparation for her daily routine, Dee can't help being a sex pot! Without warning she turns around, starts to bend over at the waist, then stops only to pull down her blue sweats and expose the most amazing angle of her big round ass and perfect shaved pussy. She touches her hands to the ground, and shoots a glance back at the camera, still smiling playfully!

As she returns to a standing position, Dee lets her sweats fall all the way down, and steps out of them. She doesn't mention the fact that her beautiful mature pussy is on display as she continues her yoga routine, allowing us angles we've only imagined seeing in our dreams. Then, Dee lifts her top from the bottom hem, and pulls it up, slowly and carefully. As she passes her chest, her two huge breasts and gorgeous hard nipples point out happily. She bounces her body up and down at the waist, enjoying the inevitable reaction of her huge tits, mimicking the bouncing motion a few times after she's stopped moving. Make sure you see this gorgeous blonde get down and dirty on her yoga mat in the full photo set and video of this sensual workout solo shoot, available exclusively on®.

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Eva Karera Anilos Nude Wife

Imagine a gorgeous thirty six year old woman with big brown eyes, long dark hair, huge tits, and a perfectly sculpted body. Now, add unsurpassed sexual desire, curiosity, and open-mindedness. What did you come up with? If you were thinking something along the lines of any MILF-lover's wet dream, you were right! We are proud to call Eva Karera this week's new Anilos model. This stunning Indiana-raised cougar has built up over fifteen years of sexual frustration, and newly single, she is ready to share all of herself with you! Eva looks great in everything she wears, but right now she looks especially sexy sporting a sheer black lingerie set. A barely there bra matches a tiny pair of panties, covered partially by a sheer tie-front garter. The clasps on the garter are fastened to lace topped thigh high stockings, and at the tip of her long, lean legs, she wears patent leather high heels.

Eva poses for the camera like a long time pro, completely comfortable wearing her lingerie out doors, even though a nosy neighbor could easily be enjoying a peep show and we'd have know way of knowing about it! Uninhibited she strips off the tiny bra, flinging it towards the house, and smiles. She runs her hands over her perfect body before turning around and slowly sashaying her way towards the iron gate on her balcony. When she arrives, she unclasps one of the links on her garter to allow more room to work on the only thing she can think about. Eva bends down, at the knees, and spreads her legs, before slowly slipping her hand down the front of her already soaked panties. She spends some times softly teasing her clit with her fingers, rubbing it, loving that she can seduce herself this way.

Forgetting about the cameras completely, Eva continues caressing and massaging her throbbing pussy until she's on the verge of an intense orgasm. She quickly stops, giggles a bit, then looks into the camera. "You didn't think I'd really cum without you, did you?" She slowly moves back up, her body noticeably quivering in pleasure. She gently moves her panties over her thighs, then ankles, then steps out of them ever so slowly. She walks towards a wooden stool she brought out with her earlier, and straddles it, her back and bare ass towards us. She stands up to put something small and shiny upright on the stool then moves down, letting it enter her. See this horny exhibitionist fuck herself outside until she cums, hard, exclusively on the premier site for horny mature women like herself,®.

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Angel Milf Trailer

There's nothing quite like the awesome fantasies we've all had of the girl next door - unless the girl next door happens to be a perfect ten with a fetish for getting naughty in much too public places in her actual life! If we hadn't gotten to meet the stunning thirty three year old pharmacist that goes by the name Angel, we would have never been able to think of a woman anywhere near her caliber. "I couldn't wear this little dress to work, but on the weekends, I like to at least keep with the times! I love clothes! But one thing I love more than sexy clothes, is sexy clothes lying on the floor of my house!"

As she said it, Angel smiled and walked to her open front door. She pulled her patterned strapless dress down, over her huge braless tits, then down over her hips, and left it on the floor. She turned around to face us, wearing only a small black pair of sheer panties and her sexy gold high heels, and put her arms on either side of the entry way. "Now this is going to be a good time," Angel told us looking happy and horny as ever, "I think it's about time for us to get down and dirty completely out doors!" She saw her small cheetah print foot stool in the hallway, bent over to pick it up, and walked thru the door and onto her front patio, still holding it in her arms.

Angel set the little stool down on the pavement, and ran her hands over her slender frame. When she reached her hips, she grasped her panties, and pulled them down in preparation. She sat down on the little stool, legs spread apart, fully naked and licked her fingers. With one hand, she pulled the skin of her perfectly shaved pussy up, and with the other, gently massaged her yearning clit. She inserted two fingers inside of her and pushed deep, moaning in pleasure. See this sexy cougar's photo set and video while she finger fucks herself out doors until she cums, available exclusively at the premier site for horny mature MILFs and cougars,®.

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Vanessa Bella Anilos Rider

"There's nothing more exhilarating than enjoying a bit of naughty play outdoors," the gorgeous mature Vanessa Bella told us, as she opened the big glass doors leading onto her patio. She wore her long hair down in curls and a sexy red belted tunic with a navy blue mini skirt, and matching 6-inch tall high heels. With a sultry smile on her face, Vanessa let the thin straps of her blouse fall loosely down her shoulders, exposing one of her huge, perky tits. "It's a bit chilly out here, I like it! My nipples are definitely hard as rocks though!" she joked to us, half-wincing in the chilly air.

Vanessa slips her top further down, over her hips, and then lets it drop to the floor, immediately following suit with her skirt as well. She turns around and bends over the iron railing, looking radiant in only her red g-string, thigh high stockings, and heels. At the age of 58 years old, Vanessa's body easily compares with that of any woman half her age, and in our opinion, blows them out of the water! "I'm happy with the way I look - I don't know if I could be any more content with my body to be honest! I'm mature, curvy, and beautiful!"

The confident red-haired cougar grabs a pretty cheetah print foot stool from inside her hallway and brings it outside. She then runs back into the house, but returns this time holding a big, glass dildo. "I've been really into glass lately, my husband gets a little upset sometimes, but I love leaving them in the freezer for the night! The cold glass inside of my warm, wet pussy feels amazing!" Vanessa proceeds to fuck her mature self until she reaches another mind blowing orgasm. See this sexy photo set and matching video, as well as many more, in the member's only section of®.

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