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Jenna Covelli is a 50 year old swinger who loves to fill her horny pussy and cum as often as possible! "I love sex, and I also love variety. I could never settle down in a relationship because no single man or woman could possibly satisfy me. And I'm not ashamed of that!" Perhaps the thing that this mature cougar craves the most is picking up a younger man in one of her clubs and taking him home to show him what an older woman can do for him in bed. Her latest conquest is a young man who has been waiting patiently outside while Jenna slips into something more comfortable. She struts outside dressed in a tiny red bikini and a shirt just long enough to tease at her lithe figure and tight ass. "I'm back, big boy. Are you ready to do me right?" Jenna's man is more than ready, guiding her to straddle him and then pressing up so that she can feel his hard erection through his jeans. "Oh yeah, that's gonna feel real hot inside me," she moans as she gyrates her hips on top of him and then stands up just long enough to slip her shirt and bikini bra down to free her big tits. Jenna's guy uses that time to unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down, but Jenna is too horny to even let him get his clothes off before she pushes her bikini bottoms aside and slides her tight hot pussy down onto his pulsing cock and starts pumping up and down as she gives her guy the ride of his life. If you want to watch this couple get down and dirty with one another then head over to® right now where you'll find all the hottest milfs online brought to you every week.

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April Thomas Naughty Red Corset

62 year old April Thomas from the UK might be ready to quit her part time job and pursue a full-time adult modeling career where she can show off her sexy mature body, but she hasn't had the chance to give notice quite yet. Instead, she has recently begun to keep things interesting by wearing outrageous lingerie beneath her conservative work clothes. "Working as a model has very recently showed me how much of a turn on naughty underwear can be. Now I want to wear it all the time, especially at work when I'm not always happy to be there." When April arrives home from her job, we're there to meet her with our cameras set up and ready to roll. The mature cougar greets us with a sexy smile as she begins unbuttoning her blouse and then shrugs out of it to reveal a bright red corset that props up her big natural tits. "Do you like my new outfit? I was inspired to buy it after our last session together." Bending down to slide her short skirt down her long legs, April makes sure that we get a great look at her impressive cleavage before settling down on the chair and pulling her big boobs out to cup them in her hands and pinch her hard sensitive nipples. "I've been thinking about this moment all day, when I can come home and let all my stress go while I get myself off." As she speaks, our gorgeous granny spreads her legs and pulls her panties up to rub them against the sensitive skin of her hairy slit to drive herself towards an incredible orgasm. If you want to watch this mature woman make herself cum, head on over to® now and check out her HD photo sets and videos.

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April Thomas Hairy Pussy Play

There's something incredible about an older sexy cougar who is so comfortable in her own skin that she wants to be part of a porn shoot. 62 year old April Thomas from the UK might be getting up there in years, but this sexy granny still has the kind of body that can make a man hot and horny. "I've always been afraid of losing my figure, but as I've gotten older I realized that having curves is a good thing. Men still stop and stare at my boobs. One even asked if my big tits were real! I'll be really disappointed the day that stops happening."

Since April is still relatively new to adult modeling we set her up to experiment with a variety of different sets to see what she likes the best. For today's shoot, we have April put on some sexy lingerie that highlights her all natural breasts, coupled with sheer thigh highs and garters. She likes the way she looks, strutting around the room and flaunting her curvy body at us. "Wearing lingerie is still a new thing for me, but I think I'll have to make it a habit. I feel so sexy and it's such a turn on!"

An even bigger turn on for her, though, is stripping her lingerie off. April pulls down the panels covering her saggy tits and pinches her diamond hard nipples with a low moan of pleasure. "I've always been a nipple girl. In fact, I can sometimes cum just from playing with my nipples if I work at it long enough." We would love to see that sometime but for now we're more interested in watching April as she slips out of her top and then eases back onto the bed to part her legs and show off her hairy mound and creamy cunt. You can check out what April does next and see all of the Internet's hottest mature women right now only at®.

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April Thomas Wet Kitchen Fantasy

When 62 year old April Thomas was still married she didn't need to work. Instead, she had to come up with ways to keep herself entertained and keep her horny pussy satisfied during the day while her husband went to his job. "Being a housewife was an interesting experience for me. I got bored so easily so I ended up finding all kinds of creative ways to masturbate." I asked April to show off some of those masturbation techniques for us on camera and she brightened at the idea. "I know just the thing. Let's go to the kitchen." Once we get all set up, April pulls a cup of yogurt out of the refrigerator and takes a bite, slowly wrapping her lips around the spoon and then licking it clean. "Delicious, but also good for more pleasurable pursuits," she explains as she reaches down to the hem of her long dress and pulls it over her head to reveal that she isn't wearing a bra to contain her heavy big tits. Next she shimmies out of her panties to leave her hairy mound and wet pussy bare and ready for action. Hopping up onto the counter, April takes her cup of yogurt and dips the spoon in a second time. This time, however, instead of bringing the creamy treat to her lips she spreads the yogurt all over her diamond hard nipples. "Oooh, that's chilly but it feels so good. It makes me want to feel it somewhere even more sensitive..." she murmurs as she parts her thighs and presses the spoon to her tender clitoris and then down her slick slit. "Now that I've made myself dirty, it's time to clean up!" You can watch this sexy granny find creative ways to clean off the yogurt and pleasure herself right now only at®, home of all the horniest cougars online.

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April Thomas Big Boob Massage

62 year old April Thomas from the UK is the sexiest older woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is new to the world of porn and was very shy on the set, but this older milf has a gorgeous smile and the type of personality that draws you in. "I've wanted to do adult modeling forever, but my late husband bless him was never a fan of the idea. Now that it's just me I'm ready to make up for lost time and opportunities." After one look at April's all-natural tits and her stunning good looks I was hooked!

We arranged to meet up with April for her first shoot as she is preparing to take a long relaxing soak in the bathtub. "The tub is my favorite place to get myself off, so I thought it would be the best place to cum on camera for the first time." She meets me and my crew in the bathroom wrapped in a towel and a smile. With the smallest amount of encouragement she soon drops the towel to show off her large hanging breasts and her tender round bottom.

April quickly gets into showing off her curvy body, using the towel to highlight her big boobs and rubbing the rough fabric up and down her eager horny pussy. "I've gotten myself off with this towel so many times, but I don't want to cum too soon before I've given you a nice show," she murmurs as she draws the towel away and arranges it on the floor of the tub. Climbing in, April squirts a big dollup of liquid soap into her hands and slowly begins working it into the smooth skin of her sensitive tits. Do you want to see how far this horny granny will go to pleasure her dripping pussy? Head over to® to check it out!

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Emma Jane Mature Pussy Play

There is nothing more alluring than a gorgeous woman who can't wait to show off her beautiful body for you. Emma Jane from the UK just turned 45, and as a birthday present to herself she decided to do some adult modeling shoots. This mature lady is an instant classic that we couldn't get enough of on the set! "I had no idea how liberating it could be to shoot a porno! I've always been a little bit secretive about sex, but now that I know there will be people watching me and getting off while they watch me pleasure myself I know it's a huge rush!" As Emma chats with us before her final set, we can definitely see the change in her. Gone is the tentative woman who needed to be told what to do, and in her place is a sex goddess who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing when it comes to taking her pleasure! Emma is nice and horny when we start rolling film, with her smooth hands roaming the curves of her body and pinching her diamond hard nipples through her shirt. When the time comes to take off her bra and panties, she gives us a sultry look. "I thought you'd never ask." Stripping out of her undergarments, Emma turns around to stick her luscious ass high in the air. She reaches back and parts the cheeks of her bottom so that we get an incredible view from behind of her slick shaved pussy. "I shaved just for porn, but I think I'm going to leave it that way. I love the way it feels when I'm all soft and wet down there." As her twat throbs with the demand to be fucked, Emma relaxes on the bed and parts her long legs so she can begin to massage her tender clit. You can check out what this mature milf does next only at®, where older horny women are brought to you weekly.

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Emma Jane Hot Creamy Pussy

45 year old Emma Jane is one of the hottest mature women I have ever met. Her blonde hair frames a heart-shaped face with a smile that can make a man instantly hard, and she has cultivated a slender figure with big tits and incredible curves. The moment I met Emma I knew we had to bring her in for a porn shoot. "I'm so glad that you recruited me," she confessed to me later. "I had no idea how much fun I would have getting myself off on camera!"

This horny cougar dresses up so nicely that we wanted to show off a classier side of Emma for one of her shoots. Dressed in a form-fitting black velvet dress, Emma looks good enough to spend a night on the town. Fortunately, though, she has agreed to spend the evening fucking her horny pussy for us instead of going out! "So you want me to just go for it? Or is there something in particular you'd like me to do?" We ask her to do whatever feels good, but to make sure that she is showing herself off for the camera and Emma gladly complies.

Running her fingers through her silky hair and then down the soft velvet dress, Emma cups her big boobs and massages them. Working her way down her body she slowly lifts the hem of her dress to show us that while she is wearing a garter belt there are no panties to cover her shaved mound. "I wanted to make sure I had easy access to my pussy," she laughs as she slides a finger down her creamy wet slit and begins working her eager body towards her first orgasm. You can only watch Emma pleasure her needy twat at®, so check it out now to find Emma and all of the Internet's hottest sex-craving housewives.

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Emma Jane Cum Craving Milf

First time model Emma Jane is an adorable, sexy 45 year old single lady from the UK. "Finding the right guy and settling down has never been something I'm interested in. I grow bored of men so quickly that I can't imagine committing myself to just one. I want my flavor of the month!" With a lean body like Emma's finding a new man to pleasure her horny cunt whenever she wants is no hardship at all. She has a tight long body that she works out at the gym every day. When she's done working out, she either calls up her current fling or comes home and massages her juicy slit until she cums. "Whenever I exercise I get so turned on. I can't stop thinking about sex! My workout is never complete until I've had an orgasm or two." Knowing how horny she gets, we asked Emma to come straight from the gym and get herself off on camera for us. She arrives dressed in a slinky top and a short mini-skirt, but as soon as the door closes behind her she shimmies out of the skirt. "My skin is so sensitive. I need out of these clothes so I can fuck myself!" Before she removes her shirt, Emma takes a moment to cup her rounded ass cheek and slide the tips of her fingers into her creamy slit. Raising her fingers to her mouth, she licks them off one by one. "Wet and delicious. Just how I like myself." From there, there's no stopping this mature cougar as she sends her clothes flying and then settles down on the couch for a long self-love session. If you want to watch Emma get herself off on camera then head on over to® for exclusive HD pics and videos you won't find anywhere else!

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Emma Jane First Time Model

45 year old Emma Jane is a British babe who is brand new to the world of adult modeling. "I've been thinking of doing something like this for a long time, but I've never been brave enough to take the plunge. I'm so glad that I did! Maybe modeling will be my new career." Blonde and beautiful, Emma has the toned trim body of a gym buff, but she hasn't lost her big boobs the way many muscular women have. Her workouts also give her an almost insatiable sex drive!

Dressed in a slinky black bra and panties set with sheer thigh high stockings, Emma looks gorgeous and just a little bit vulnerable as we begin snapping pictures for her first ever porn set. "You might have to tell me what to do as we go along here, but I'm open to anything." We suggest a few provocative poses that Emma might want to try, but we stress that the most important thing is for her to feel comfortable and turned on. As Emma warms to the idea of being in front of the cameras, her hands begin to roam her slender body. She cups her heavy tits through her bra, and runs her thumbs across her hard nipples through the silky fabric.

Sliding one hand behind her back, she unhooks her bra and lets it fall away. Her shyness returns as she looks at the camera and brings her hands up to cover her exposed boobs, but then she gives a nervous laugh. "I guess the whole point is that you see everything, right?" Taking a deep breath, Emma lets her hands fall so we can see her big knockers and her tight little nipples. Her panties come off next as this lovely mature woman gradually becomes more comfortable showing herself off on camera. How far will Emma go on her first porn shoot? Head on over to® to find out!

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Charlee Chase Steamy Shower Orgasm

After a long day of sexually charged play time, my 35 year old girlfriend, Charlee Chase, decided that it was time to shower and call it a day. Of course, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch her have one more encounter of pleasure. Charlee always gets horny in the shower! "There is something about the hot water, steam and lathering up my body that just turns me on" she told the folks from®. I couldn't agree more, and I have to admit that I sneak in to almost every one of her showers!

As she was taking off her red lingerie, the steam began to build in the bathroom. Maybe it was from the hot water, but I believe it was because of Charlee's sensational tits and ripe ass. She stepped into the shower and grabbed the slippery bar of soap to begin lathering her soft curves with silky suds. Watching the soap run from her perky nipples, down her tight stomach, all the way down to her tight pussy, I couldn't help but notice that she was getting seriously turned on. As if no one was watching, Charlee let her fingers slide in between her smooth pussy lips to rub her pounding clit.

She inserted her fingers deep inside to pleasure the warm soft insides of her throbbing twat. "Ahhh it feels so good!" she shouted while her head was tilted back. The hot beads of water were bouncing off of her chest making her supple breasts sparkle as they moved from side to side with every thrust of her arm. Charlee screamed with delight, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Her long legs were shaking with passion, and she was biting her plump lips to calm the overwhelming urge to scream at the top of her lungs. It was so hard not to get in that shower and stick my rock hard dick inside of her while she was having a full body orgasm! Go to® to see Charlee strip down and lather up for some shower time fun.

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