Jena Jackson Cougar Milfs

Jena Jackson has spent the evening out with her girls; and this seasoned cougar has brought home her latest catch. "There's something about a table full of mature and eligible women that draws the men like crazy!" she explains. And one young stud is in for a treat! She lifts the hem of her dress, revealing a sheer black g-string, just visible atop her black stockings. Lifting her dress up to her trim waist, Jena Jackson shows him her perfectly rounded backside. She teases him by leaning over the staircase, letting him imagine running his hands over her hips and thighs. No longer the sweet smile, Jena Jackson wears the confident look of a cougar snaring its prey. Pulling the blue wrap dress over her shoulders, Jena Jackson lets him take a good look at her hard, lean body as she models her matching bra and panty set. Her full breasts ache to be touched, her nipples wanting to be sucked, so she removes the bra. And then the panties. She resumes her bend, giving him access to her mature ass, spanking it to show him she's alright with him being aggressive. Still wearing her heels and stockings, Jena Jackson wants to have him right here, right now. She's so horny, she just can't wait to go upstairs to the bedroom. Feast your eyes on more of this sexy cougar, and find out for yourself what pleasures await you when an older woman seduces you, exclusively at®.

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Jena Jackson Corporate Cougar

Tuesday morning, Jena Jackson is all business. Though she'd love to own the bank she works for, she's content to own the turf. There's quite a bit of competition in the workplace, but Jena Jackson isn't just some small town hot housewife. She's a corporate cougar, and dresses accordingly. In her trademark black suit, she is all business (as in the business of seduction) as she looks over the rims of her glasses. Her black bra peeks out from beneath her blazer, and the lacy edges of her stockings are just visible beneath the hemline of her skirt. Success at work only fuels her sexual ambitions. Jena Jackson gives the same level of attention to all of her conquests, and weekdays are no exception. Plus, she's still reeling from the great sex she got after Lady's Night last week.

She's just gotten out of a Board meeting, and one of the bank's lead officers has scheduled a private meeting with Jena Jackson. She's got no concerns, however, because she's got a long standing regular appointment with him. He confessed, years ago, how attractive and youthful he'd always found her, and the sessions simply grew from there. He's not exactly her type, but knowing she's got him wrapped around her cougar claws gives her a certain prestige. Besides, Jena Jackson's not interested in a relationship... well, unless you're a hot Spaniard who owns a winery. She arrives in his office and begins to peel off the layers of her suit. In this game, she always starts off as the 'intern', and it ends when she's climbed the corporate ladder by climbing on his cock.

"Pay attention, Bossman," she cajoles, removing her jacket. She begins a slow strip tease, removing each item of clothing as the role dynamics between them change. So, by the time she's pulling her thong panties from her muscular legs, she has become the woman on top. "Come over here and fuck me," she demands. When he feigns hesitation, Jena Jackson asserts herself. "I'm the boss. You are my subordinate. You do as I say." Her mature body just begs to be fucked, and Jena is always up for taking it as hard as her lover wants to give it. Always wanting more, bankers love to be 'in the black', and we couldn't agree more that business women as hot as Jena Jackson should always wear it! Want more from your personal banker, Jena Jackson? Visit her profile in the members area, or choose from thousands of purring professionals, exclusively at®.

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Ariana Carmine Milf Sluts

Ariana Carmine loves to surprise her lovers, and today is no different. She's timed it just right so that her girlfriend will walk in the door to find Ariana dressed as the sexiest housekeeper ever. "Fantasy definitely belongs in any sexual relationship. That's what keeps it fresh and exciting!" Wearing only a black, sheer bra and panty set, embroidered with red rose blossoms, Ariana is dressed to impress from the tips of her black high heels and stockinged legs to the straps of her garter belt. Armed with a feather duster, Ariana's mature milf begins to tingle with wet excitement as she imagines tickling her lover's body with it. "Tonight, I am only going to speak French. That is the language of love, c'est non?"

Bent over the chair, her full derriere just begging for a spanking. Ariana is a pro at playing the naughty housewife. Her auburn hair is sleek and warm against her milky and mature skin, which looks like pink porcelain, and is pleasantly cool to the touch. A little love tap on her fair behind would definitely leave a red hot handprint, but Ariana wouldn't mind. "Even good naughty ladies need a spanking every now and then. And my lover has lots of practice spanking me!" she giggles. "It's so exciting when she paddles my behind and tells me what a naughty slut I am..." Her bra straps slip down her shoulders just in time, as her lover walks in through the front door. Looking with longing eyes at her girlfriend, Ariana's desire, as well as her intentions, is perfectly clear. "Bonjour, mi amour!"

Ariana Carmine begins undressing herself. It's a slow strip tease, reminiscent of unwrapping a much coveted gift. As she slips the cups of her bra down, revealing her rosy nipples, Ariana's legs are spread, and her mature muff is already wet and ready. Her blue eyes sparkle with excitement and pure bliss, knowing that in just a few moments, Ariana will feel her girlfriend's hands and lips all over her mature body. "I know it's the middle of the afternoon, but anytime I can pleasure you is the right time for me!" Does wanting sex all the time make a woman a slut? Not in our book! At®, we want our women wet and ready all the time, and there's nothing hotter than a cougar in heat.

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Ariana Carmine Anilos Gallery

Ariana Carmine is a red hot milf! She takes her domestic duties seriously, but always manages to put a sexy twist in. Since her lover is bringing dinner home, Ariana has decided to soak her feet for a few minutes, wearing nothing but a blue lace ensemble. "It's been a long day, and I'm so anxious to get into bed with my lover. But my feet are killing me! " It's early evening, and the sounds of children playing echo past her kitchen window, Ariana Carmine has thoughts of making babies running through her mind. "I've been thinking a lot about having a baby recently, but I think I'm getting too old." she confesses. "Besides, if I had to worry about raising kids, I don't think I'd have the energy to have sex as often as I can have it now- which is all the time!" Her blue lacy boyshorts barely cover her full, mature backside, leaving the curvature where her legs meet perfectly framed. She hops up onto the counter, immersing her feet in the sudsy sink. "I love the thought of trying for one, though. Making love over and over again, hot cum dripping from the lips of my pussy, and I can imagine his sloppy grin of satisfaction! I'd love to try." Thinking about all the sex that would be required gets Ariana excited, and she begins to massage her full breasts through the lacy fabric of her cami, eventually freeing them so that she can play with them naked. Her hands drift farther down her torso, and Ariana begins to touch her mature pussy while she soaks her tired feet. "Mmm, the thought of being so dirty with cum is so stimulating! And then, we could shower together! I love to have sex in the shower!" Ariana Carmine sprays her body with the faucet handle, wetting her porcelain skin with the warm, wet spray as she fingers herself through her climax. A milf in the kitchen is so delicious! Want more milf action? Want to see thousands of full figured women serving up their milfpies for dessert? Get all the mature mamas you can handle, exclusively at®.

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Ariana Carmine Mature Woman

Ariana Carmine wears lingerie to bed every night. "I like to feel sexy when I go to bed. I know it helps me to fully engage myself in a world of sheer sensuality, but I think it helps motivate my lover to feel as sexy and desirous as I do." Tonight she's wearing black, sheer lingerie and sexy T-strap stilettos. Ariana prefers minimalist style when it comes to decorating, as well as her wardrobe. In fact, even her dildo is pretty basic. "I've got a trunk full of sex toys," she reveals, "but this one is my standby guy. I can always rely on this dildo to get the job done!" That's definitely one of the joys of being an older woman- knowing what, and how, you want it!

"Sometimes I find it so frustrating to stay home alone. Whenever I have a new lover, I find that I become horny all the time!" A quick solution: her old standby dildo, shaped and sized just like a real cock. After playing with her breasts, pinching her mature nipples between her long, porcelain fingertips, Ariana pulls her sheer, black lace thong panties aside and begins to rub her already wet pussy. Like all milfs, Ariana is completely competent at self-satisfaction... mature women know what they want and how to give it to herself! In this case, Ariana needs a hard orgasm to settle her rampant, redheaded desire. Her toy slides into her glistening, shaved pussy as easily as an old friend. She lets out a sweet sigh of relief.

Ariana Carmine may be a lesbian, but that doesn't stop her from still loving the dick. "I wasn't always a lesbian, you know. I used be married, but it wasn't until after my first time with a grown woman did I determine that I prefer women, especially with a little meat on them! If I want dick, I use a strap-on or a dildo." She expertly weilds her toy across her mature muff, stroking it against her clit before plunging it in and out of her slick lesbian pussy again and again. Like watching a woman pleasure herself? Do you get hot and hard when a mature woman masturbates for your eyes, only? Watch Ariana Carmine, as well as thousands of hot and horny milfs pretend you're the one pleasing them, exclusively at®.

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Ariana Carmine Mature Picture

Ariana Carmine loves to take a bubble bath! She's got a whole collection of special soaps and lotions that keep her fair skin soft. She takes long, hot bubble baths every night, partially to relax and unwind after a long day of nursing, but also to help her get in the mood for pleasing her lover. She stretches her lean torso while she runs the water, and then lets her tired feet soak while she stretches her shoulders and arches her back. Her mature body opens to the satisfaction that will come later tonight with each shift of her full hips. After she's relaxed the tension from her body with a few final stretches, Ariana Carmine slips into the wet oasis of her bath, arching her spine so that the bubbles can tickle her nipples before she immerses their hardness into the silky swill of the bathwater. As the warm water swirls against her full backside, it softens the hairs of her labia so she can shave without any irritation. Ariana prefers the tiniest of landing strips above her pussy. This ravishing redhead keeps her firecrotch neatly trimmed at all times. Sitting in the tub, soaking away the stressors of the day really helps to turn on Ariana's sex drive. As she rubs the suds all over her trim torso, massaging her breasts and soaking her pussy, Ariana begins to think of all the things her lover will do to please her tonight. Want to learn more about Ariana Carmine's very full sexual repertoire? Would you like to see, first hand, just how Ariana Carmine likes to take her pleasure? You can, simply by visiting®, your premiere site for mature and sexy ladies.

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Tacori Blu Big Busty Massage

Today is a rare day off for Tacori Blu, and she plans on getting a massage. Her spa day just won't be complete if she doesn't get her rocks off, too. The spa's masseuse is hot, and it's too bad that he's gay because Tacori would love to feel all of his rippling muscles pressed against her mature body. She begins to undress, laying her clothes aside on the chair in the corner. Today, Tacori is staying true to her name in blue leopard print bra and panty, with black silk stockings. She likes to take her clothes off slowly, and she slips the cups of her bra down so she can gently massage her big, beautiful breasts. As she caresses her breasts, her slender fingers wander down to her nipples, hardened by the sudden chill of the room. She gives them a few squeezes, for good measure, before removing her bra and panties completely.

Still wearing her stockings and an armful of bangles, Tacori Blu decides to massage her clit, knowing that her masseuse will rub every part of her body with oil except her hungry pussy. Gripping one full breast with one hand, Tacori begins to rub her clit in long back and forth strokes, alternating her pressure and her speed. But she just can't seem to make herself cum, though her excitement reaches fevered pitches before slowly abating. Frustrated, yet determined, Tacori Blu decides that she needs to feel a cock buried in her, somewhere, and sets her mind to getting her masseuse to fuck her brains out, no matter what. She hears a soft knock at the door, and immediately her masseuse enters the room to find Tacori playing with her pussy, still wearing her stockings! "Listen," she confides, "I need something a little more intensive than the standard 'deep tissue' therapy."

"I know this is asking a lot, and I promise I won't tell anyone. But, could you just fuck me really hard?" He hesitates. Surely she knows he's gay. But Tacori Blu does something that surprises even herself: she turns around and offers him her backdoor. Tacori has never had anal sex before, but at this point of sexual frustration, she needs to take it to the next level. She figures one ass can't be that different from another, but she's still a little nervous. He consents- he's never had a virgin ass before- and quickly sheds the scrubs from his hot, muscular body. He begins the session with warm oil, caressing Tacori's shoulders, back, rubbing slow circles along the curve of her ass where it meets her toned thighs. This is one of the best massages she's ever received, and she sharply inhales at the very new, very thrilling sensation of his finger as it enters and oils her anus in preparation for something much larger. Want to see how the story ends? Wouldn't you love to be with Tacori Blu for the first anal sex session she's ever had? You can, but only by entering® through your own backdoor portal- just click on the registered link.

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Tacori Blu Anilos Next Door

Tacori Blu is showing yet another house to a certain client whose main concern isn't square footage, but whether or not a house has the potential to get him laid. Some clients can be a challenge, but Tacori Blu didn't make it to the top of her team by sitting idly by while the client hemmed and hawed. She's mature, smart, and very dedicated to making sure her clients get the best. So, her solution for this client? Show him the sex potential! She arranges for the client to meet her at the residence, where she greets him wearing nothing but sheer red panties and black platform high heels. His jaw drops when he sees her, and she toys with the side strings of her thong while she walks him through the house, talking about all the great amenities this house has to offer.

Returning to the living room where an offer is waiting to be signed, Tacori is most interested in closing the deal. She begins to remove her sheer thong, bending slightly over the red microfiber couch. "Notice the view?" she taunts him. He notices, and his cock begins to stiffen at the sight of this very sexy, very mature woman. He rubs his growing desire through the pockets of his trousers, and Tacori notices. "Hmmm, looks like you're showing some interest in this place, huh? There's so much to offer you, and this location would be so convenient for you, as well." Tacori's just trying to get this buyer in the door, but all he can think about is her backdoor. Her perfectly plump ass is so enticing, and he'd love to gain entry into her mature body and rub his hands all over her full breasts! His erection is throbbing, aching to find home buried deep inside Tacori Blu.

"I want to help you get in as much for you as for myself. What do you say we submit an offer, and then we can secure the deal..." Tacori entices her buyer by rubbing her clitoris while smoothly suggesting more than home ownership with her silken voice. Now, don't make any mistakes, Tacori Blu is not the kind of woman who uses her mature sex appeal to reach the top, but this buyer intrigues her, and after seeing the bulge in his britches, she wants him more than she wants to sell this house. Her mature labia begin to glisten with wet desire, and her buyer quickly signs on the dotted line so that he can get to the real business of the afternoon. And you can get down to the real business of pleasure just as easily by joining and gaining instant access to the member's area of Only the hottest milfs and cougars available found on®.

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Tacori Blu Amateur Milf

Tacori Blu is Anilos' newest amateur milf, but she's a true professional when it comes to business. With the right client, she'll show all of the amenities of the house, as well as her hot mature body. Talk about 'real' estate. Today, one lucky client is getting the full tour. Tacori Blu has already stripped down to nothing but her lacy sheer bra and panties. As the client surveys all the perks of her personal property, she offers him even more. Pulling off the cups of her bra, Tacori proudly talks up her huge breasts, full and topped with rosy hard nipples. But the client isn't only interested in the attic, he wants a peek at the basement, so Tacori Blu indulges him by slipping off her thong, as well. She's got a neat patch of carpeting covering her mature pussy, and her gams are dressed in sheer silk stockings. Her client, however, wants to see the flip value of the house, so Tacori kicks up her black stilettos and shows him the backdoor, as well. In order to seal the deal on the purchase, Tacori Blu offers to let only her lucky clients spend the night, see if this is the right fit. She's easy to please because she just wants a man to fuck her hard, and she'll take it any way she can to seal the deal. Interested in a new house? Prefer your curtains to match the rug? Get your personal tour with this exclusive listing only at®.

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