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Naughty and horny, the 45 year old MILF Louise Pearce works hard all day long. "I absolutely love what I do. Being a musician definitely has its perks!" she revealed to us. Louise is not one for denying the pleasure of others, as her work gives listening pleasure to an audience, and her nude work gives the viewing pleasure of an audience! We were invited in so she could show off all of her glorious assets. In a tight black mini skirt, a sheer top and some ridiculously hot lingerie underneath, Louise showed us exactly why she deserves to be on Anilos.com®! Lifting her skirt to reveal her lacy thigh high stockings and black garter belt, she was tantalizingly sexy and seductive. When she finally removed her skirt, we saw that she was wearing some gold silk panties. If there could be one word to sum up this classy and captivating beauty, it would be provocative. She has a confidence about her that says to the world that she knows exactly how to get what she wants. Louise finally took off her top and lacy bra to flaunt her soft round breasts and long shapely legs. Her teasing seemed to be non stop as she would open her legs to give a peek at the perfection that is her smooth shaved pussy, then she would snap them shut just as quickly. Taunting every desire, Louise could stop a man dead in their tracks with her sweet allure. "The quality I love the most about my sexuality is my confidence and stamina. When you love your soft curvy body, sex transforms into all day events" she explained. Louise definitely caught our eye and held it for much longer than a day, and we are sure you will not be disappointed! See Louise spread her legs apart to give a pristine view of her creamy pussy only on Anilos.com®.

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Lounging about in her long silk nightgown, the gorgeous 45 year old MILF, Louise Pearce, loves to relax before she engages in her erotic and sensual play time. She said, "Sex is a whole experience for me. I love to embrace all aspects of sexuality, so I tend to get into my sexual mindset and stay there all day long". Well this certainly seemed to be true, and who were we to stop her? Louise had this allure about her, as if she were a mythological creature in which you could not stop staring.

Laying back in order to prepare herself for what pleasure was about to come, Louise stripped off her nightgown and showed off her sheer floral thong. Topped with a shiny gold band, her nude stockings left little to the imagination. If there was one thing certain about this woman, it would be her ability to wear the sexiest lingerie! Before she began peeling her thong down her smooth legs, Louise started to rub the outside of her throbbing pussy. Squeezing ever so gently, Louise held her rock hard nipples in between her soft fingers and let out a passionate moan of pleasure. Before we knew it, she had her hands all over her pussy, making it slippery and shiny from the juice that was now dripping. 

After fondling her clit for a while, Louise turned to her side to spread her legs open. She revealed her perfectly pink pussy to us as she was about to cum. "Ohhh! Ahhh.... yessss!" she moaned and sighed from the pure bliss that she was experiencing. Louise's pussy was throbbing and pulsating with her fast approaching orgasm. Witnessing Louise cum is something that cannot be missed! Visit Anilos.com® to see Louise spread her legs and give insanely close up views of her pussy.

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At 45 years of age, Louise Pearce has so much more to offer than what would be expected from your typical housewife! Her true gifts lie within the walls of her bedroom, the place that few venture because of the pure class of this woman. As an exception to the rule, Louise invited us into her life to capture the true essence of her sexuality. "I am a very sexual woman. I find the eroticism involved within the pornography industry both appealing and enticing" she explained. As she dressed in her typical feminine attire, Louise looked stunning and irresistable all at the same time. Her hot pink high heels were suggestive of her true intentions. When she laid back to spread her legs open, she revealed her tight and pink shaved pussy to us. Playful and teasingly, she lifted up her dress to show off her soft pink garter belt and lacy stockings. At long last, her dress was removed and her panties were pulled down showing even more of her delicious pussy and ripe round ass. With her legs strait up in the air, Louise spread her ass apart to give us a better view of the sweet creamy cum that was pouring out of her shaved pussy lips. She was at this point so turned on, she was practically cumming without even touching herself. After her breathing increasingly grew heavier, Louise stopped to compose herself. "I almost sent myself into climax!" she screamed with laughter. She finally laid back to relax as she wore nothing but her stockings and garter, but still allowed the view between her legs to be perfectly clear. You can see Louise spread her legs and give you a  perfect view of her pink pussy only on Anilos.com®; the only website that brings the hottest MILFs and cougars every single week!

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Combining the perfect concoction of class and sophistication with pure and raw sex appeal, Louise Pearce taunts the stereo type of classical musician. At 45 years old, Louise has been playing the violin for most of her life. "There is something so sexy about the sound of the violin. When I play, I feel powerful, sexy, and in control" she revealed. Showing off her musical talent, Louise pleasantly surprised us with her rendition of a classical composition. This set the right tone for Louise to strip off her long silk dress to reveal her other talents!

In nothing but black stilettos, sheer thigh high stockings and a black lacy garder, Louise spread her long sleek legs to give a teasingly close look at her perfectly shaved pussy.  Plump and firm, her breasts sat on her chest like two pillowy mounds waiting to be squeezed. As her yearning pussy temperature rose, her nipples tightened up creating the perfect peaks atop her luscious breasts. Her quivering hands couldn't take much more of being turned on before she started to sensually rub her pussy. Louise was trembling with an eagerness for stimulation, but this woman knew that giving in to the temptation now would be too easy a feat; she wanted to wait for a more appropriate time before she would pleasure her ever growing urge for insertion.

Louise stood tall after fondling herself to yet again give us the viewing pleasure of her voluptuous curves. Soft and gentle, her hips curve perfectly to make their way up to her tiny waist. Everything about this woman screams for attention, and you can see Louise strip everything off and show what she is capable of in high quality photos only on Anilos.com®; the premium website that showcases mature women ready to strip their clothes off to more naughty than you could ever believe!

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Putting most women half ofher age to shame, the smoldering and sexy 45 year old Abi Toyne is a wealthy doctor from the UK, and one incredibly horny cougar! "I love sex so much that I honestly cannot stand to go one day without it. Unfortunately, I don't get a proper shag every day, so I masturbate quite a bit" she revealed when we asked her how often she masturbates. It is hard to comprehend why this beautiful blonde would not get fucked every day! Her supple round breasts are so perky and sit perfectly on top of her corset. In the sexiest lingerie, Abi looking ravishing in her garder, black thigh high stockings, and silver corset.

Abi was standing in front of the camera as if to jump through it and fuck it. The intensity behind her fiery eyes was clearly shouting that she had to pleasure herself. She laid back on the couch and slid her sheer black panties down her smooth thighs and spread her legs apart. As she sensually massaged the shaved lips of her sticky pussy, she began to make moaning noises. As soft and smooth as the strokes of her hand, Abi's voice was one of grace and intrigue. She then inserted her middle finger deep into her twat. They were gliding in and out easily because she was so turned on by that point, her pussy had already filled with sweet and creamy cum.

"Ohhhh yeahhh!" she mumbled as she rapidly fingered her twat. After pleasuring her pussy, Abi sighed in relief because she had finally given in to the urges in which her pussy was screaming for all day. You can watch Abi finger her craving pussy in full photo sets and on video only on Anilos.com®, the premiere website that delivers the sexiest and horniest cougars!

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Sensual, sexual and oh so desirable, Abi Toyne is a doctor that knows just how to cure any illness that can be caused from sexual deviancy! Her medical knowledge gives her the unique ability to not only take care of your body for health, but she can take fulfill any fantasy that you may have. At the unbelievable age of 45, Abi has the life most people dream of. "Being wealthy and independent gives me much more time to focus on my true passion in life, which happens to be my sexuality." Well the treatment is in; a good pussy spread is just what the doctor ordered, and this is exactly what this hot doctor will give! In lacy, sheer thigh high stockings, Abi's legs seem to stretch into infinity. Her pussy growing increasingly hungry for an orgasm, Abi put her stethoscope on her clit to listen to the pounding of her pussy. Thump... thump... thump... It was pounding away. She was groping her full natural breasts almost to the same beat of her throbbing twat. The repetitive sound started to put her in a trance like state, one in which Abi was so in tune with her body that she started to get incredibly wet. Dripping out on to her clean shaved pussy lips, the sweet pussy juice rolled out to show just how horny Abi really was. She then spread her twat open with her legs in the air to show off the insides of her pussy. It was so sexy! Her soft pink twat was covered in pussy juice and was gleaming in the light like sparkles on an ocean. By the looks of her pussy spread wide open, Abi Toyne has one tight pussy! "Men say I am such a good fuck because I have a tight firm ass, and a tight wet pussy. I guess that is what men like?..." she teasingly said. You can see Abi spread her delicious twat in high quality pictures and in videos only on Anilos.com®!  

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The adventurous and bold 45 year old Abi Toyne is one sexy cougar that you won't get enough of! Doing the photo shoots for Abi was an absolute pleasure...literally! This set was chosen specifically with Abi in mind, as her favorite travel destination is the Maldives. She said that the turquoise of the water accentuated her soft smooth skin and blonde hair. Abi was absolutely right because when you take one look at her curvy body in contrast with the color, you can see why she looks so desirable. In a sheer top that shows off her hard nipples, black thigh high stockings, and a sexy garder, Abi felt unstoppable in that sensual lingerie. She slowly removed her leopard print high heels and ran her hands up her sheer black stockings. As she did this, her shaved pussy was peeking out from under her garder. She began to lick her finger tips and gently massage her throbbing clit. Moaning slightly under her breath, Abi was beginning to get more ferocious in her rubbing actions. She was then inserting her fingers all the way into her creamy pussy and letting out screams of pleasure. Clenching her eyes in complete bliss, Abi it down on her juicy lip and threw herself on to the bed. Pounding in and out of her soaking wet twat, her fingers took on the sensation in which Abi was fantasizing about; rock hard dick. In one final burst of pleasure, Abi clenched the sheets to brace herself for the ultimate orgasm. "Ahhhhh, YESSSSS!" she screamed. Abi was breathing heavily and was visibly more relaxed once she had pleasured her yearning pussy with her soft fingers. Full photo sets and videos are available of this intense session only on Anilos.com®; the premiere website that features a new horny MILF every single week!  

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When I was chosen to do the photo shoot for Abi Toyne, I had no idea what I was in for. The only information I was given was that she was a sexy 45 year old cougar, an English woman that also happened to be a hot doctor, and that she spoke 4 languages. Naturally, I assumed she was going to be on the more... 'homely' side in the looks department. Boy was I wrong! Right away, this blonde bombshell knocked my socks off! Rather than outshine her intellect, her curvaceous body seemed to just enhance the fact that her mind held so much knowledge! I was ready to get started, and Abi swayed over my direction and on to the set with an alluring and sexy stride. Biting her plump lips and already fondling her full round breasts, she seemed to be horny and ready to get started.

The first glimpse of her magnificently shaved pussy was one for the records. Never have I had to stop to compose myself in a shoot before. When she climbed on to the couch like a hungry tiger and removed her pink lacy bra, she looked over at my stuttering hands and said, "You ready for this big boy?" I knew her aggressive and confident sexuality would shine through at that very moment. As she slid her pink thong down her silky legs, she let it rest atop her tiny ankles, just above her strappy pink stilettos. The firm round ass that Abi possess was perked in the air making the most beautiful S shape in her back.

Abi then rolled on to her back and began to spread her legs to show off her tight juicy pussy. Her perky breasts were contouring her flat stomach and fleshy hips. Abi's rigid and rock hard nipples sat teasingly out of sight. But lucky for me, her sweet pink pussy was out in the open, and boy did she show it! You can see the full photo set and videos of Abi Toyne only on Anilos.com®; where the sexiest and horniest cougars are brought to you new every week.

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One thing that gets the smoking hot Annabelle Genovisi off is obeying her Master! Even doing my laundry turns this sultry 31 year old on so much, that she often masturbates when she does it. Such simple things in life would seem mundane, but not to Annabelle! Her craving for constant sexual stimulation keeps her coming back for more and more. Wearing nothing but a sexy white thong, high heels, and a shirt that revealed her perky breasts, Annabelle asked me, "Master, can you please watch me do laundry? You know how to do it so well and it would make me sooo happy if you could watch". I knew that Annabelle really wanted to finger her wet pussy, and that is why she asked me. Never has there been such a feisty woman that was always horny and lusting over cock. As she began her chore, she slipped the shirt over her soft shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her white thong rested on the top of her curvy hips, accentuating the beautiful hourglass shape she works so hard to maintain. Swaying her hips from side to side, Annabelle began to undress in front of me. "Can I play with my pussy now Master?" she asked in a pleading voice. Her craving for insertion was so apparent. I told her to take off her thong and masturbate in front of me. Annabelle began to take her thong off and laid clothes out all around her. The smell of my clothing turned her on so much that she started to rub them all over her body. Her drenched twat was practically ready to cum before she even touched it! You can watch Annabelle finger fuck her delicious pussy in hundreds of high quality photos, or on video only at Anilos.com®, where the hottest and horniest mature women please themselves for your viewing pleasure!

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