Bella Roxxx Housewife Fantasy

We interrupted Bella Roxxx on Monday morning- her only day off- to watch her clean house. As a busy salon owner, she rarely gets to play housewife. Bella Roxxx confided that she was still single, but wished she were happily married. "I've got this daydream of how it would be. Most guys say they don't mind a busy woman, but I'd still love to have a light-eyed man with dark skin to cook and clean for." Isn't that every milf's fantasy? We asked Bella Roxxx to elaborate on this fantasy, so she puled off her yellow rubber gloves and said, "Hell, I might as well see if this new modeling career can give me some free advertising to help Mr. Right find me!"

Pulling down the collar of her pink t-shirt, Bella Roxxx puts hers on display. There's nothing sexier than a milf who goes braless every chance she gets- it's much easier access to her favorite body part: those luscious, firm and full titties! "If I'm at home, being a good housewife , why wouldn't I give my man a peek and a feel any time he wanted to? Besides, I love to have my nipples stroked, even if I have to do it myself." On the counter is Bella Roxxx's favorite household appliance: a big, battery operated black dildo. "He's my backup while I wait for the real thing," Bella admits. Unzipping her tight jeans, we get a peek of pale pink lace panties as Bella gets ready to finish playing out her ultimate domestic fantasy.

Bella Roxxx pulls up a chair from the breakfast nook, sits down and spreads her legs wide open to reveal a shaved pussy- it's ruffled lips already excited and tingling, glistening with anticipation to be touched, teased, and torqued by that big, black play cock. "I know it's only a dildo, but I pretend that it's my lover's hard dick. If my dream man were here, I'd be sucking on his cock while he played with my nipples. I bet he'd taste so sweet in my mouth, like a big chocolate daddy!" Bella Roxxx mouth fucks herself, moaning out one helluva hummer, until her pussy has drenched her panties. Then, she buries that big dick deep into her pussy, pounding out a loud and quaking orgasm. Want to watch this creamy skinned milf take her pleasure from her pretend lover? Want her to show you how a man of the house should be treated? She'll give you this, and so much more mature action, exclusively at®.

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Bella Roxxx Buxxxom Black Velvet

It's Saturday, and Bella Roxxx is hard at work in her home office. "There are a lot of hours involved in running a salon, let alone managing my new modeling career," Bella informs us, "but it is rewarding. After all, not many women my age get to live such a promiscuous lifestyle and explore all of their passions!" As we already know, Bella Roxxx isn't too fond of wearing undergarments, but when she does, she is the sexiest milf in town! Her full breasts burst from the confines of her black velvet bra as she considers her busy day's itinerary, and the date she's made with one of her teammates. Lace topped stockings silhouette her long, athletic legs, and her kitten heel pumps eggagerate the curves of her calves and thighs. Bella Roxxx has a full and round ass, thanks to many years of playing softball. "Yes, the reputation that softball players are lesbians is partially true. But most players, such as myself, are bisexual" she quips. "In fact, I've got a hot date tonight with the pitcher of my team... and she loves to see me in lingerie!" Continuing to unbutton her blouse, Bella Roxx spreads her legs to reveal black velvet panties giving this hottie a sweet camel toe. With breasts exposed, bobbing atop her bra cups, Bella Roxxx also has her sweet labia available for all the pussy you can devour! Want to play some hardball with this catcher? We promise, she's a real good sport, and one helluva catch! Get to know Bella Roxxx on a more personal level, only at®.

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Bella Roxxx Sexxxy Stylist

Bella Roxxx is a busy salon owner. Single, with no children, Bella Roxxx dresses very sexily for work in hopes of attracting Mr. Right. That's where she meets most of the guys she dates, anyway. Offering just a tease of her curvy figure with a simple red halter dress, Bella Roxxx gives a glimpse of the tops of her black silk stockings as well. "I always offer just a tease!" professes this perpetual flirt, pulling up the hem of her dress to reveal the full, round curve of her hips. Also revealed are satin garter belts, suspending those stockings atop her long, curvy legs. "Say I'm really hitting it off with a client, and want to schedule him for an after-hours treatment, I've got to offer him just the right incentive, without coming across too strong. So, a little leg action here and there is the bait." Bella Roxxx sets one high-heeled leg upon the sofa, bending at the waist, to reveal that she is wearing nothing but the garter belt under her dress. "Why would I wear panties? After all, I have fucked guys right in the middle of the salon floor. There should never be too many articles of clothing interfering with a man's ability to access your sexuality. Go braless, or commando, or both- that's how you guarantee to always get some action!" Wise words from a sexually mature and experienced lady. "This position is my favorite. I really get off on Anal- in fact, that's what makes me cum the hardest, and the fastest!" And what a great view of the backseams on her stockings! "Of course, it depends on the guy. Some guys like to suck on my breasts while they pump from the front. Any way they want it, I can give it to them! Hence, the not wearing underwear." Bella Roxxx only offers full access to you, and all the pleasures you want to have with her, at®- the internet's premiere collection of mature milfs and later year ladies. Sign in today to schedule your own after hours treatment, Bella Roxxx style!

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Bella Roxxx Hardcore Cougar

Bella Roxxx has been interviewing new accountants for her salon for over a month. She's had plenty of young men with excellent resumes and portfolios streaming through her office, titillating both her staff and her clients. But Bella Roxxx wants a man who's more than good on paper, with numbers and taxes. She wants the whole package: good looks, stamina, enthusiasm, and a willingness to offer his tip to her at a moment's notice. Bella Roxxx has been particularly interested in this candidate all week, and her building desire for him has made her a bit frustrated. Bella Roxxx cuts right down to business: as part of his final interview, he'll have to prove that he's the man for the job- in the sexiest way possible! He invites her back to his place, after the lunch hour interview, and cuts straight to the chase- because he wants this cougar to know that he's the right fit in every way!

Quickly removing her suit, Bella Roxxx reveals she's wearing only a pink velvet cami and panty set. Climbing on top of her lover, Bella Roxxx positions herself over his face and asks, "Are you ready for dessert?" Her lover can only respond with muffled sounds as he buries his lips into hers, his tongue busy licking and flicking at her clitoris. Bella Roxxx moans and pants, her mature libido efficiently worked into a heightened state. Her wet pleasure slicks her lover's cheeks, and his erection begins to snake up to the top of his trousers. But Bella Roxxx is a generous lover, and quickly gets to work unfastening his belt. Once his cock is clear of his pants, Bella Roxxx takes his swollen head deep into her mouth, pumping her hand around its shaft in rhythm to his tongue on her clit. Bella Roxxx certainly is a master of the 69, and she is more than pleased that his cock is as big as the hairdos her salon specializes in!

Now that Bella Roxxx and her lover are totally aroused and slick with anticipation, they begin peeling off his clothes so that she can have full access to his body. Still wearing her pink velvet cami, Bella Roxxx tosses her lover back onto his bed and promptly mounts him. She begins with slow, intentional movements as she glides her mature mons up and down the shaft of his hard prick, teasing both her lover and herself. After several strokes she lowers herself fully onto his throbbing, rock-hard cock, and begins a fast paced fucking. It's a good thing this young man has stamina- because Bella Roxxx can ride a young stud all night long! I think it's safe to say that this young man has been claimed (or hired) by this hot and horny cougar. Want to submit your resume to Bella Roxxx? Want to see her explosive climax, this young man drenched in her sweet cum? Catch all the exclusive action, and gain access to all your favorite forty year olds, only on®!

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Tonya Sexy Silk Stockings

Back in the office of our sexy Sussex lawyer, Tonya took it upon herself to give us some full disclosure! Already having stripped down to nothing but black satin bra, panty, and black silk stockings, Tonya confided to us that she was expecting one of her coworkers any moment. Tonya, as you know, loves to fuck at the office, and she's got a standing appointment with one coworker, in particular! "He's the firm's accountant, so I always wear black for him. I think I'd scare the poor chap were he to show up and find me 'in the red'." she quips. Well, he may like hard numbers, but you can bet he appreciates her softer figure. Tonya gives us an introductory feel by teasing the nipples of her full sized breasts while her sterling eyes look through us and toward the door, anticipating her lover.

After removing her bra, letting loose those luscious C-cup breasts, Tonya strips off her panties, too. Long, stockinged legs held open in an inviting display, Tonya joyously opens her "special file", giving us a peek between her pink passion lips! Her pussy is waxed clean, without a trace of the blonde bush she'd acquired growing up. Her fully developed pussy is swollen with desire, and continues to become aroused in anticipation of its weekly lover. "I wonder why he's late?" Tonya muses. "Perhaps he doesn't want his willy on camera." Tonya continues to massage her stimulated labia in preparation for a hard cock, or a gentle tongue, at least.

Finally her lover arrives, ready to take all the passion she can thrust at him with her full, rounded hips and well lubricated labia. The wonderful benefit of a mature woman is the fact that she knows what she wants, when, and how! Shifting into doggy position, Tonya beckons her lover for a quick- and gratifying- entry. Still sporting black silk stockings, garter belt, and black patent pumps, Tonya has traded out pinstripes for the beauty of her birthday suit, with a few accesories. "You're a naughty boy for keeping me waiting," she gently scolds, "I ought to spank your tardy little behind." But we have no doubts that Tonya will welcome a few spankings, herself! Would you like a turn at this brazen, buxom beauty? Want to look a little deeper into Tonya's passions (and her pleasures)? Interested in having an afternoon tryst with Tonya in your office? She's only a click away, exclusively at®.

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Tonya's Milf Fantasy

Catching up with our latest milf on the weekend was a nice vacation for our crew. We got to meet our newest British bombshell at her holiday house in the country. After tea, and the kids were sent out to play, Tonya took us tiptoeing to her room where she let us get a real spread! Slipping the white lace cups of her bra to free her size C breasts, Tonya hooked her fingers through the sides of her pretty, lacy boyshort panties. Smiling like a school-girl, this hot mama playfully teased us until, suddenly, she turned about, stripped off her panties, and pulled her luscious ass open to reveal all the places she likes to feel a big, hard cock. "I like it from behind- and it's a special treat to also get it in the bum!" she intoned. Imagine having your cock throbbing inside her tight tush while you reach around and tug at Tonya's sensitive nipples, using your thumb to stroke the soft sides of her full breasts. Pounding her until she's forced to lean on that white dresser for support. I bet she'd be a screamer, then!
Tonya must have had the same fantasy, because she draped her curvy body over a chair and inserted two fingers into her mouth, licking her fingers wet enough for entry into her porcelain pussy. Her lower lips full and swollen with anticipation! After trailing her fingers over her very erect nipples, massaging and tugging at them a bit, Tonya shifted over onto the bed and began exloring all the hot zones of her hot body. Laying on her side, Tonya showed us an unusual masturbation position by grabbing her top leg and hoisting it well up onto the pillows. Careful to avoid snagging the sateen pillow cases with her high heeled sandal, Tonya began finger- fucking her pussy with a passion. Darting her middle two fingers in and out of her aching pussy and alternately stroking her clit with hot juices, Tonya peaked with beautiful abandonment! Lying there, catching her breath, Tonya held open her hips and cheeks to reveal the red, swollen rim of a very sated vagina. Want more? Want to be the one to stretch and stroke Tonya's full body to its ultimate satisfaction? You can- exclusively at®. Find Tonya, as well as thousands of mature women wanting to please, and be pleased by, you.

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Tonya's Sexy Office Secret

Tonya took us to her office, where she spends long hours to become a lawyer in her firm. Talk about a productive, closed door meeting! Tonya settled us down on leather armchairs while she began to unbutton her pink polka-dot blouse. Beneath her usual suit, Tonya wore white lace bra and panty set, and white fishnet garterless stockings! Her blonde locks and striking blue eyes held us captive, almost distracting us from the view she offered of her mature body- and sweet pussy- with her long legs spread wide open. Full, C-cup breasts bobbed aloft, freed of the confines of her bra, jiggling while she slipped her black skirt down her full, womanly hips in a slow swaying movement. Turning around, Tonya gave us a great view of her backside as she slipped off her white lace thong panty. Framed from beneath by her fishnet stockings, her ass curved softly down to reveal the full lips of her porcelain pussy and the ruffled morsel of her clitoris. Lounging on her office loveseat, British bombshell Tonya began swirling her fingertips over her erect clitoris, pulling at its hood to massage the pearl beneath. Even though she's supposed to be typing a deposition, Tonya still slips in a few peeks at porn for a bit more stimulation than she's already giving herself. Stroking furiously at her clit, Tonya works hard and fast for a well earned and very powerful orgasm! With dedication like this, she's sure to make partner in no time! Wouldn't you love to have a lawyer as hot and horny as Tonya? Do you have need of her "special council" for matters pressing firmly against the zipper of your trousers? She'd be more than happy to liberate your angst while giving you the thorough sense of satisfaction you deserve. Be one of her favorite clients by signing a membership with®- your exclusive connection to mature, professional milfs all around the world!

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