Jenna Covelli Vibrator Pussy Play

Jenna Covelli is a 50 year old California native who loves to dress up and go out to swingers clubs in the evenings. "I'm always interested in meeting new people and perhaps joining them for a night of passion. The sexual variety makes things special every time." For her trip out to the club tonight, Jenna has chosen a tight leopard print dress with sheer stockings and killer high heels. With her long blonde hair pulled back in a nice updo, this sensual milf is looking pretty fine to begin her quest for a partner tonight.

Before she leaves home, Jenna does one last check to make sure that her outfit is okay for the evening. Turning to look at herself in the mirror, she views herself from the stacked front and then the side. She makes one more turn and lifts the short skirt of her dress to reveal her luscious bottom through her crotchless stockings. "A girl can never look too good when she's on the prowl. It never hurts to have a bit of surprise in store if things get hot and heavy, either."

The sight of her own delectable behind distracts Jenna from her initial plan to leave the house, though! "I suppose it can't hurt to give myself a quickie before I get going," she murmurs as she pulls her dress off to free her big tits with their rock hard nipples and sits down on a footstool in front of the fireplace. Pinching one nipple with a soft moan, Jenna reaches up to the mantle and pulls down a pink vibrator that she keeps up there for horny emergencies. Bringing it to her lips with a sensual smile, she licks the tip to lubricate it before she brings it down to trace across her dripping pussy. Do you want to see what Jenna does next to bring herself off? If so, head over to® right now to see all of Jenna's high quality picture and video sets.

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