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Granny Bobby Bentley works out regularly to keep her body hot and trim. As she warms up, she strips out of her clothes until she is left with nothing covering her hanging tits or her wet hairy pussy. Naked and horny, this horny older woman gets creative with her gym equipment as she uses that and her fingers to pleasure her cum craving twat.

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Sydney Johnson is a cum crazed milf with natural big boobs and large areolas that she hates to cover up! As Sydney works out she pulls down her top to let her tits swing free. As her body warms up, this brunette babe can't resist the urge to slide her hand down to her landing strip pussy and fondle her pierced clit until she explodes in ecstasy.

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Cooking for her family will never stop the sizzling siren, Alysha Rylee, from having her fun! As a 30 year old mom, her days can be filled with chores and tedious tasks that most would find unbelievably boring. But not this MILF! Alysha finds ways to keep herself, and her pussy, entertained throughout the day. Simple things like cooking can turn into a whirlwind of hot steamy finger fuck sessions. "I love to masturbate! If I had my way, I would play with myself all day. I'm just always horny! Hahaha!" she boldly told us. Her honesty was refreshing as most moms try to hide their sexuality. Alysha invited us in to watch her masturbate in the kitchen, which is actually quite a normal thing for her when she has the house to herself! "I love masturbating in the kitchen because there is an element of danger to it. Like I could be caught or something" she revealed. This eager and enticing spirit of hers was so easily captured on camera. With a waist that would put most 20 year olds to shame, Alysha flaunts her sexy body in tiny shorts and a barely there bra. Rolling down the blue spandex shorts, Alysha showed off her firm ass and long lean legs. Allowing her round perky breasts to pop out from her bra, her anticipation for 'play time' was growing. Finally completely nude, Alysha hopped up on the counter and started to rub her clit. Her pussy was sopping wet and she decided that it was time to grab her favorite toy; her magic wand. As she pressed the vibrating toy up against her shaved pussy, her stomach began to stutter due to the intense vibrations sent to her clitoris. Alysha gets herself off, and cums all over her toy, and you can only see this on®; the site that shows off only the sexiest and horniest women of maturity.

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Watching a woman work out is smoking hot. Watching the beads of sweat drip along their bodies, it makes their skin glisten and sparkle when the light hits them just right. Penelope loves to meet guys on the internet but she knows that when you get to a certain age, you got to work a little bit harder at keeping yourself looking fit. She pumps the weights and the muscles pump in and out of her thin body. "Wow is it getting hot in here or is it just me." She says with a shy smile. It is definitely her making it hot in here but its not from the weight lifting, it's from her sexy mature body being naked all over this room. She starts to strip and slowly pulls her shorts over her nice round rump. There is not a single dimple in her nice firm ass. She turns to different angles and shows us just how fit she is. Penelope sits down on the bench completely naked with her legs spread wide. Her hairy pussy peaks out at us and calls us in. I can't help but stare at her woman hood as she stares back and continues to tone her stomach. Penelope is really starting to get turned on, I can see it in her face. She smiles and slowly puts down the weights but if you want to see what happens next, then you will have to stroll on over to® and watch her in all her naughty photos and videos inside the members area. You will not find these photos or videos on any other site. They are exclusive only to®.

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Today is a rare day off for Tacori Blu, and she plans on getting a massage. Her spa day just won't be complete if she doesn't get her rocks off, too. The spa's masseuse is hot, and it's too bad that he's gay because Tacori would love to feel all of his rippling muscles pressed against her mature body. She begins to undress, laying her clothes aside on the chair in the corner. Today, Tacori is staying true to her name in blue leopard print bra and panty, with black silk stockings. She likes to take her clothes off slowly, and she slips the cups of her bra down so she can gently massage her big, beautiful breasts. As she caresses her breasts, her slender fingers wander down to her nipples, hardened by the sudden chill of the room. She gives them a few squeezes, for good measure, before removing her bra and panties completely.

Still wearing her stockings and an armful of bangles, Tacori Blu decides to massage her clit, knowing that her masseuse will rub every part of her body with oil except her hungry pussy. Gripping one full breast with one hand, Tacori begins to rub her clit in long back and forth strokes, alternating her pressure and her speed. But she just can't seem to make herself cum, though her excitement reaches fevered pitches before slowly abating. Frustrated, yet determined, Tacori Blu decides that she needs to feel a cock buried in her, somewhere, and sets her mind to getting her masseuse to fuck her brains out, no matter what. She hears a soft knock at the door, and immediately her masseuse enters the room to find Tacori playing with her pussy, still wearing her stockings! "Listen," she confides, "I need something a little more intensive than the standard 'deep tissue' therapy."

"I know this is asking a lot, and I promise I won't tell anyone. But, could you just fuck me really hard?" He hesitates. Surely she knows he's gay. But Tacori Blu does something that surprises even herself: she turns around and offers him her backdoor. Tacori has never had anal sex before, but at this point of sexual frustration, she needs to take it to the next level. She figures one ass can't be that different from another, but she's still a little nervous. He consents- he's never had a virgin ass before- and quickly sheds the scrubs from his hot, muscular body. He begins the session with warm oil, caressing Tacori's shoulders, back, rubbing slow circles along the curve of her ass where it meets her toned thighs. This is one of the best massages she's ever received, and she sharply inhales at the very new, very thrilling sensation of his finger as it enters and oils her anus in preparation for something much larger. Want to see how the story ends? Wouldn't you love to be with Tacori Blu for the first anal sex session she's ever had? You can, but only by entering® through your own backdoor portal- just click on the registered link.

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Amber Dawn Housewife Milf

Our beautiful, fair-skinned goddess, Amber Dawn, really heats things up in the kitchen! The moment she walked into the room in her leopard print lingerie, we knew we were in for a special treat. Toying with the ties of her apron, beckoning our full attention with her bronze eyes, our gorgeous milf asks "are you ready for something sweet?" She sure knows how to tease, and I couldn't help myself, staring into her creamy cleavage. I said "Honey, anything you do is guaranteed to be delicious!"

Climbing onto the counter, Amber Dawn spreads her legs to give us a peek at her tender, pink clit. Straining against the edges of her lacy, black thong, her pussy is begging to be kissed. Amber Dawn's taut, firm body leans back, giving us even more to hunger for. Back-seamed stockings framed her long, sexy legs. all the way up past those rosebud nipples, Amber Dawn topped this scene with an added surprise. "I want a little treat, too." she teased, and put her favorite red dildo between her coral lips. If you've read her bio, you'd know that Amber Dawn loves to 69. But when there isn't the real thing around, this horny Interior Designer practices her fellatio with pleasure.

Being in the kitchen really does make this red-headed housewife heat up. And it's a good thing she designed her house with a granite counter top, because she never even took off her black stiletto high-heels! Cupping one of her magnificent breast in one hand, Amber Dawn showed us exactly how she "kneaded" to be touched. This vixen is on fire! Amber Dawn has confessed that she's willing to have sex just about anywhere. Shaking out her long, red tresses, Amber Dawn climaxed for us right there in the kitchen, just like a good milf should! What a sweet treat!

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