Michelle B Baby Oil

Getting ready for a bath can become a sensual experience when there's a gorgeous sex-crazed woman involved. 30 year old Michelle B from the UK fits that description perfectly! As she removes her clothes and prepares to take a warm bath one evening, she reaches up to touch the sensitive nipples on her big hanging boobs. "Sometimes it's hard to wait until I'm actually in the water before I start touching myself at bath time. It helps build the anticipation as I get ready to masturbate." Massaging her incredible breasts, Michelle moans as pleasure courses through her curvy body.

Slipping her vintage white panties the rest of the way off, Michelle grabs a bottle of baby oil and applies it liberally to the palms of her hands. Rubbing them together vigorously to warm the slick lubricant, she rubs the clear liquid into her hanging tits. "I always try to oil up my most sensitive body parts before I take a bath. Men love soft skin and this is the best way to make sure that my skin is like silk." Applying more oil to her hands, this horny milf isn't shy about rubbing it into her tummy and then lower in the slick folds of her shaved pussy.

After a pleasurable interlude of making sure her slit is slippery with oil, Michelle moves on to her curvy plump ass. She squeezes as she rubs the oil in, gripping her bountiful cheeks hard enough to leave small imprints from her fingertips. "I just love having my ass squeezed," she murmurs as she applies more oil to her hands to lather onto her bottom. "Aside from my tits it's the most sensitive part of my body." You can watch this hot mama oil herself up in preparation for a steamy bath and masturbation session right now only at Anilos.com®.

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Michelle B Sexy Flight Attendant

30 year old Michelle B is a gorgeous blonde from the UK with some stunning assets to show off-and she does love to show them off! "I guess you could call me a bit of a tease, but I just love it when guys stare at me. It's all about the boobs and mine are amazing." She particularly loves dressing up in little outfits that emphasize her curvaceous body and her giant tits. "Role playing does a lot for me. I know that I look great in everything, but uniforms in particular really seem to bring out the best of my body. Not to mention that added element of fun. I really love the getups with buttons and skirts... talk about easy access!" Dressed in a sexy flight attendant getup that enhances her fabulous cleavage, Michelle pulls her skirt down to show off the garter belt and sheer thigh highs she is wearing beneath. Lifting her leg high in the air, Michelle gives the camera a great view of her luscious ass and her slick juicy twat. "Oh, I love the feel of air on my pussy when I'm still partly clothed. It's so delicious and naughty." The pearls of liquid desire forming along Michelle's wet slit are proof of what a turn-on her partial nudity really is for her. Encouraged, Michelle unbuttons her prim uniform halfway down to her waist to let her enormous breasts hang free. The perfect huge globes swing as she settles herself in a chair and spreads her legs wide to give herself easy access to her slippery cunt. Using both hands, she parts the soft folds of her pink pussy and runs her index fingers down the slickness of her most intimate places. Slipping a finger into her hot needy pussy, Michelle closes her eyes and moans with pleasure. You can check out this horny cougar as she fingers herself to an orgasm right now only at Anilos.com®, where all of the Internet's hottest sexy milfs are featured weekly.

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Kay C Naughty Maid Anilos

Sweet and sexy Kay C from the UK is a newcomer to the world of adult modeling but she's definitely making an impact with the all of the crew members at her first shoot! This fiery redhead has a gorgeous curvy body with perfect round tits and an amazing ass. She's a little shy, but she's willing to try anything new. So far the results have been amazing! "I decided to try modeling because I absolutely love my body. I wanted to share that with the rest of the world. But you guys have put me in situations I would have never dreamed of and made me realize that I look great." Kay shows off our latest suggestion, a sheer maid uniform with thigh high stockings and high heels. Turning around and flipping up her miniskirt, Kay shows us how easily this naughty maid can shimmy out of her skimpy undewear. "If I'm cleaning I don't want anything to get in the way of my employer taking anything he wants." Caught up in the fantasy, Kay rolls over on the bed and slides one hand down to her hairy horny slit while her other wanders up to massage her all natural boobs through the thin material of her camisole. "Oh, that feels really nice. Especially the way I can't really move my legs freely. It makes me think of being tied up..." Clearly Kay likes that thought because her movements become more purposeful. Instead of exploring her pouty pussy she purposefully moves her hand to her swollen clit and begins rubbing it with the intention of cumming quickly. Her other hand swiftly releases her medium sized tits to let them hang out so she can play with her diamond hard nipples. When Kay's orgasm breaks over her, she moans and pants as waves of pleasure crash through her. You can watch this sexy maid get herself off on camera in her first adult shoot right now only at Anilos.com®, where all of the hottest milfs on the Internet are featured weekly.

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Kay C Hairy Pussy

Who wouldn't want the opportunity to take the lovely 33 year old Kay C home with them for a good time? This incredibly sensual redhead spends most of her time off from work finding new and innovative ways to pleasure her horny pussy. "I'm always up for a good time. If there's no one around to help me get off, I'll still help myself." Dressing up in sexy thigh-high stockings with garters and a lingerie top that is ready to slide off with the shrug of a shoulder, Kay prepares herself for a night of passion and sensuality.

Pulling her silky top to the side, Kay unveils one of her firm natural breasts. She licks her finger and runs the damp tip along her little areola until her nipple puckers into a tight bud that spikes pleasure through her when she pinches it. "Mmm, now that feels nice." Slipping the top off all together, she runs her hands down her flat belly to hook her thumbs in the band of her white thong. "This has to be the next thing to go," she murmurs as she pulls it down her long silk-encased legs.

Spreading her legs wide, Kay reaches down to touch her neatly trimmed horny slit. Pulling her pussy lips wide, she opens her hairy cunt to take the two fingers she plunges deep inside her. Laying her head back on the pillow, Kay closes her eyes and moans in pleasure as she pushes her fingers to the second knuckles. "This feels great, but I really wish I had a man to help finish me off. That would make this just perfect." You can watch Kay finger herself until she cums right now only at Anilos.com®, where you can find all of the hottest cougars online.

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Kay C Anilos Sexy Lingerie

Is there anything sexier than a stunning redhead dressed in sheer white lingerie? It's hard to imagine that anything could compete with 33 year old Kay C when she has seduction on her mind, especially when she steps outside the bounds of the ordinary. Decked to the nines in a lacey outfit, Kay looks like a Victorian vision with a naughty twist that will send any man's blood boiling. "I've never really dressed up like this before," Kay confesses when we ask her how she likes the feel of the lingerie against her soft tanned skin. "It feels so old fashioned and sexy and I really like it." She runs her hands along her body, exploring the feel of the unfamiliar lingerie. When she discovers that her corset is designed to be pulled down to free her medium sized boobs, she immediately lets them loose. With her boobs hanging and jiggling as she moves, she goes back to touching herself with light sweeps of her fingertips. "God, just wearing this and looking at myself in the mirror is really turning me on. I need to feel more." Bending over at the waist to slide her white thong down her long smooth legs, Kay purposefully thrusts her rounded bottom in the air and wiggles it from side to side in a gesture that is endearing and sexy all at the same time. Apparently finished checking out her outfit, Kay gets down to the business of using it for its intended purpose: pure pleasure. Laying herself out on the day bed, Kay parts her thighs to reveal the perfection of her trimmed pussy. She reaches down to squeeze her luscious bottom, and slowly her hand slides towards her horny wet vagina. You can check out Kay's whole sexy Victorian set and watch her masturbate in her old fashioned lingerie only at Anilos.com®.

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Kay C First Adult Shoot

We've been working with the beautiful Kay C for only a few minutes when the stunning readhead drops an important piece of information: This is her first adult modeling job. No one on the set can believe it! Kay is a little bit shy and quiet, but none of the crew had ever thought for a second that it was because she is stepping into unfamiliar territory. "I didn't want to make it sound like I was new," she confessed when she saw our surprise. We quickly assured her that we were all excited to work with her and introduce her to such a sensual new world where she can show off her amazing body!

That newfound admission of innocence puts a whole new perspective on the rest of our shoot that day! All of her tentative smiles are even sweeter than they had seemed before. Soon, though, the wonder of our newfound discovery that Kay is new is overshadowed by our admiration of the curves of Kay's tanned body. "I'm ready to get started now if you guys are." We are certainly ready too!

Kay wears the provocative red and black lingerie set like it was tailor made for her. As we snap pictures and film away, she slowly loses the silky top that covered her torso, followed by the bra. Cupping her hanging boobs in her hands and massaging the tender globes, Kay turns around and does a slow 180 to give us a change to appreciate her whole exquisite package. "I feel like I need some music or something to do a proper striptease," she jokes shyly as she slides her hands down to her thong and prepares to slip it off. You can find Kay's entire first photo shoot only at Anilos.com®, where all of the hottest and horniest newcomers to the adult modeling world are featured weekly.

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Karina Currie Tight Ass Milf

One of beautiful 32 year old Karina Curry's biggest turn ons is being ordered around in the bedroom. When this horny cougar goes on the prowl for a playmate to take home, she keeps an eye out for someone who won't be afraid to take charge once their clothes start coming off. "I like a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to take it. Tell me what you want me to do and you're a hundred percent likely to get it." When Karina's man of the evening instructs her to strip out of her clothes, she obliges him without question. Pulling her silky top down to reveal her big hanging tits and rock hard nipples, she sends him a naughty look. "I didn't bother with a bra. I had a feeling I'd get lucky tonight." She slides her shirt to her waist and then collects her well-worn blue jeans on the way down. Clad in just her sexy silver thong, she turns back to her beau. "What do you want me to do next?" He orders her onto the desk and Karina does as he asks. Spreading her legs, she pulls her panties to the side and puts the tiniest bit of pressure on her horny clit until her partner tells her that she's not allowed to do anything that might make her cum without his permission. With a laugh, she folds her hands in her lap to await further instructions. The sexual tension in the room builds with every passing moment as Karina's beau drinks in the perfect curves of her body. His eyes stay glued to her hanging tits, and she unconsciously thrusts her chest forward in response. When he tells her to remove her thong so that he can see everything she has to offer, she is eager to obey as long as it means she'll be closer to the electrifying orgasm her body craves. You can watch this buxom babe find pleasure through obedience only at Anilos.com® along with all of the other hottest milfs online.

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Karina Currie Sexy Milf

Slim and sexy 32 year old Karina Curry is the kind of woman that every man dreams of. This bombshell has the whole package: a slim curvaceous body, big natural tits, and long toned legs. An interesting facet to Karina is that she has a bit of an old fashioned streak that contrasts perfectly with her party girl tendencies. "I like to sew my own outfits. I especially like to make my own lingerie. It was intimidating at first, but once I started doing it I realized that my imagination was my only limit."

The best part about making her own sexy lingerie is the part where she gets to try it on. "I have really big boobs and a slim waist. It can sometimes be hard to find clothes that fit me properly. It's always amazing when I try on my own creations and they actually fit." Modeling the piece she has just finished in front of a mirror, Karina admires her smooth skin and the way her huge breasts are supported by her low-cut bra. Her matching high-cut panties are comparatively modest, but she slides her hand into them to ensure that they provide plenty of room for easy access to her horny pussy.

Touching her juicy slit makes Karina yearn for more. Slipping her panties down her legs and unhooking her bra, Karina lays back and spreads her legs to provide an amazing view of her smooth shaved pussy. Keeping her legs in the air, she presses a finger into the warm tightness of her dripping hole. "The most important lesson I've learned when I make my own clothes is that lingerie isn't just for men. I get off just knowing that I'm wearing something incredibly sensual that I made myself." Pumping slowly at her dripping cunt, she pushes another finger in beside it. You can watch Karina finger herself until she cums and see her model her best naughty creations only at Anilos.com®.

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Karina Currie Lingerie Goddess

Buxom beauty Karina Curry wouldn't call herself a sex addict, but she certainly has a healthy sexual appetite. As soon as she gets off of work most nights, this horny cougar comes straight home to change into something a little bit more comfortable and a lot more revealing. Sometimes she manages to make it out in search of someone to bring home for a good time, but often she simply winds up all dressed up and way too horny to leave her apartment. "Really, it depends on my mood by the time I've finished dressing and primping. Going out to look for a partner is a lot of work and sometimes I come home empty handed. Taking care of myself is always a sure thing." Dressed to the nines in a lacy tank top and sheer stockings complete with garters, Karina lays back in her bed and debates whether to stay or go. "All I need to do to leave is put on a hot mini skirt, but if I stay in I'm already set. Decisions, decisions." Slipping her panties to the side, she runs one finger down her soft shaved slit and then slides her hand up her smooth leg. "I'm already so turned on, I think I'll just stay in tonight." Her decision made, Karina doesn't waste any time in making herself comfortable. Sliding her hand into her tank top, she frees both of her big boobs so that they hang freely. Her giant tits sway as she turns around, hooking her thumbs into her thong and guiding it down her legs. "I think that's all the preparation I need," she murmurs as she leans back and spreads her legs to reveal her creamy pussy. Her fingers move unerringly to her sensitive clit and she begins a swift climb towards an explosive climax. You can watch this MILF cum right now only at Anilos.com®, where all of the Internet's hottest women show off their assets.

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Karina Currie Wet Pussy

32 year old brunette bombshell Karina Curry works as a banker by day, but by night she’s an insatiable sex kitten. “I love my job, but it’s not very mentally stimulating. I spend a lot of time every day thinking about the next time I’ll be able to cum. It leaves me horny as hell by the time I leave work.” Karina’s first order of business once she gets home is typically slipping into something a little bit more comfortable. For our shoot she chose a sexy blue sequined top paired with sheer thigh highs and blue garters. A pair of matching high heels completes her outfit.

“The problem with coming home from work and changing into sexy clothes is that all I want to do is take them off.” Karina’s hands wander her body, sliding the shoulders of her top down to reveal her big hanging boobs. She circles a fingertip around one large areola until her nipple peaks in a tight bud, and then repeats the same treatment with her other breast. Shimmying until her shirt slides down her curvaceous body, Karina runs one finger up the juicy slit of her shaved pussy and fondles the small landing strip of trimmed hair decorating her mound. The evidence of her arousal is easy to see in in the beads of moisture all over her drenched pussy lips.

Lying back on her bed wearing only her silky stockings and lacey garter belt, Karina runs one hand through her long silky hair while she uses the other to part the folds of her dripping twat. Her horny cunt is ready for action as she slides two fingers deep into her tight hole. “Mmm, this is the perfect way to let loose after a long day at work.” Watch Karina finger herself until she cums, only at Anilos.com®, where you’ll find all of the horniest mature women online.

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