Holly Coxxx Lacy Demi-Bra Striptease

33 year old Holly Coxxx has a lot of time to pursue her interest in alternative religious beliefs, but an afternoon of studying leaves this hot cougar feeling horny as hell more often than not. "Anything that requires a lot of my attention basically leaves me feeling wound tight and super aroused when I'm done. It's like my body is telling me to slow down and take some time to pay attention to myself." In fact, Holly is so used to being turned on after studying that she has taken to dressing a little bit slutty whenever she knows she's about to hit the books.

"My favorite outfits are the ones that look prim on the outside so that I feel like a real scholar, but that come off easily and have something sexy underneath." A tight button-down shirt that strains over her big all-natural breasts is a perennial favorite for this hot housewife, especially coupled with a demi-bra that leaves her tight nipples bare of any covering. Completing the outfit with a pencil skirt that slides down her long legs with little effort, Holly is ready for a day of reading followed by a bout of self-stimulation.

Despite her good intentions to get a lot of reading in, Holly soon can't stand the sexual tension any longer. Her fingers slowly move from one button to the next, revealing little bits of skin and her hot pink bra until the material falls from her shoulders. "I always have really good intentions, but I've gotta say that it's really hard to go for very long without touching myself. It just feels so nice," Holly comments as she stands to shimmy out of her skirt and pulls her panties down so she can access her horny pierced clit and work herself towards a long, loud orgasm. If you want to watch this naughty milf undress and fuck herself until she cums instead of studying, head on over to Anilos.com® now.

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Amber Jewell Reporting For Duty

Amber Jewell from the United Kingdom has had plenty of different careers in her 42 years, but her fondest memories are definitely from her time working as a nurse with the defense forces. "There weren't as many women as men, and the men were lonely and horny. It didn't hurt that I looked hot as hell in my uniform." Frowning at the memory, Amber suddenly brightens up and snaps her fingers. "You know, speaking of my uniform I think I still have it. Let me go see if it still fits!" Minutes later Amber emerges from her room looking hot as hell in a form-fitting uniform that highlights her incredible curves while still looking professional. "Amber Jewell, reporting for duty," she says with a salute and a giggle as she stands at attention. Of course, her professional demeanor doesn't last for very long. "Geez, this thing brings back so many memories. Most of them are of getting naked." Inspired, Amber unzips the uniform's skirt and slides it down her legs, taking her panties along with it. "I've been leaned over a table, pressed up against a wall, and even bounced on commanding officer's lap dressed just like this," she murmurs as she runs her fingers along her stocking-clad legs and slides a fingertip down her dewy slit. Her jacket and jaunty hat come off next, followed by her blouse until she is left in nothing but a garter belt and stockings. "I maybe slept around a lot while I was in the service. There were just so many hot men and I loved the attention. Most of the time when I was naughty while on the clock I made sure we had just a quick fuck. I had to be really into a guy to let him undress me before we screwed like bunnies." If you like the way Amber looks in a uniform then you'll love watching her as she takes it off and fingers her horny pussy until she cums. Check it out, only at Anilos.com®.

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Amber Jewell Loves Taking Orders

42 year old Amber Jewell loves to be told what to do when it comes to pleasuring her horny pussy. "There's something about a strong man who can make me submit to his will that is such a turn on for me. If you want to get me off, all you have to do is order me around. Do that and I'm a sure thing." Knowing that, we told Amber in no uncertain terms that she was to arrive for her photo shoot dressed in a sexy black evening gown and sheer stockings with garters. And, we added, don't wear a bra.

As we hoped, Amber follows our directions perfectly. She arrives dressed in a wraparound black dress with a skirt that is just long enough to be appropriate. "I wore everything you asked me to," she murmurs as she pulls away part of the wrapped top to show off her plump hanging breast and simultaneously hikes up her skirt to show off her sheer stockings held up by a garter belt. "Now what do you want me to do?" We tell Amber that we're not willing to wait for her to lose some of the clothes, and she obediently starts to strip.

The first thing to go is the dress, which slips down her body after she undoes the zipper. Nude from the waist up, this mature blonde is a beautiful sight, especially when she reaches up to squeeze her hanging tits. When we order her to pinch her hard little nipples, she does so with a soft moan as she squeezes her thighs together. "I'm not usually this easy to please, but I wasn't kidding about getting off on being bossed around." When we have our horny milf take off her panties and show us just how turned on our orders have made her, she is quick to comply. If you want to watch this hot number do as she's told in HD pics and video, head over to Anilos.com® now!

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Amber Jewell Lingerie Fantasy

Do you ever see a soccer mom standing alone on the side of the field and fantasize about how hot she is, and what it might be like to take her home and sleep with her? 42 year old Amber Jewell would love for someone to ask her help live out that fantasy! "I go to all my kids' soccer games and I dress up as sexy as I can. I've seen some of the guys look at me and I know they want me. I'm just waiting for one of them to be brave enough to ask me out for a good time. I'm not terribly forward or I would just ask a few of them..." Meanwhile, Amber comes home after all of her kids' games wound up and horny as hell and itching to give herself a screaming orgasm. Slipping out of her summery dress and sliding into a sexy robe, Amber makes herself comfortable on her bed with a glass of wine. "A couple of years ago I had a stroke of genius and started arranging for play dates for the kids after soccer games. Now I have some time alone to get naked." Reaching beneath the silky robe, Amber unhooks the bra and lets it fall away to reveal her all natural boobs. Her nipples are already hard from the anticipation of cumming soon, and reaching up to cup her hanging boobs she pinches them until she moans in pleasure. Her panties are the next to go, followed by the robe. "I love the way this feels against my skin, but honestly it just gets in the way after a certain point." With her thumbs resting on her soft shaved mound and her fingers applying steadily more pressure to her creamy pussy, Amber takes her time slowly working her way towards the orgasm she's been craving. You can see more of Amber and all of the other hot mature women online right now at Anilos.com®.

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Amber Jewell See Through Blouse

42 year old Amber Jewell works at an office part time to support her family, but that doesn't stop this horny cougar from having a good time! "I actually really like working out of the home. I love my kids but I need some time with adults, too. How else am I supposed to find dates or satisfy my needs?" Toeing the line of too sexy for the office has become Amber's standard M.O, with blouses so filmy they're practically see-through and outrageous sexy lingerie underneath. In some environments her boss might have a problem with his secretary dressing so flagrantly, but Amber's supervisor seems to love it.

As Amber comes home after an afternoon at work, her first order of business is to get out of her nice clothes and into something more appropriate for dealing with kid--eventually. Fortunately, there's plenty of time before her children arrive home, giving this horny milf a chance to strip naked and pleasure her juicy pussy. "I always arrange my working hours to give myself an hour or two home alone. I need that time to unwind and usually get myself off before I have to be a mom again."

Unbuttoning her see-through blouse and shimmying out of her tight pencil skirt, Amber slides the silky material down her shoulders to stand dressed in just her pink heart lingerie and sheer thigh highs. From there, it is simple for the blonde babe to slip her panties down around her ankles to expose her sweet shaved pussy. Settling on the arm of the couch, she parts her thighs as far as her panties will allow and presses the heel of her hand to her creamy slit. "Mmm, I've been waiting for this moment all day. Working is just another form of anticipation when I know I'll come home and fuck myself afterwards." If you want to watch this mature blonde babe get herself off then head over to Anilos.com® to check out all of Amber Jewell's hot galleries!

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Lisa Ann Slippery Shower Fun

When 40 year old Lisa Ann decides to take a shower it usually isn't a quick process. "There is so much about showering that is inherently sexy. Get naked and spending time under a warm spray of water while I massage myself everywhere, you say? Yes please!" Before she is ready to step into the bathtub though, Lisa has a whole self-care routine to take care of. She starts by brushing out her long brown hair until the silky strands gleam. Next, she slips out of her sheer lacy robe to stand nude in front of the mirror. Cupping her heavy enhanced boobs in her hands and gently pinching her nipples, she glances at herself in the mirror and smiles at the image she makes. "I've masturbated in front of this mirror so many times. Sometimes I even use my hairbrush to help get myself off." Lifting her leg as she speaks, Lisa anchors her foot on her vanity and reaches both hands towards the sweet spot between her legs, brushing her fingers down her damp twat. "Oh," she murmurs as she rubs her sensitive clitoris with a little bit more force than necessary, "that feels so good. But I'm really feeling some fun in the shower. I don't want to cum until I make it in there." Finished with her pre-shower routine, Lisa wanders over to the running shower and puts her hand palm-up beneath the spray to test the warmth. Satisfied, she steps beneath the water and stands still as it sluices down her tanned body. Her big boobs sway gently as she lathers soap in her hands and slowly starts rubbing it all over her slick body, paying careful attention to her peachy ass and her landing strip pussy. Soon, as the soap washes away, Lisa gives up all pretense of trying to clean herself and focuses on working her horny twat to an amazing orgasm. Head over to Anilos.com® right now to check out this buxom babe and to find all of the hottest mature women online.

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Lisa Ann Phone Sex Seduction

There's nothing like a round of hot and steamy phone sex to get horny cougar Lisa Ann going on nights when she isn't planning on going out. "You know those dating lines you see advertised on tv that we all know are phone sex lines? I call into those pretty often and talk my way through a few orgasms with a stranger. It's a blast, let me tell you!" Before calling in on this summer evening, Lisa gets decked out in a matching bra and panty set that she completes with a garter belt and sheer thigh high stockings that have crossed seams in the back.

Satisfied that she's ready to play, she grabs her phone and makes herself comfortable on the couch. Her call to her local dating line connects her with a man who sounds a little bit lonely. "I'll tell you what, sugar, I'm feeling a bit horny. I'm not in the mood to meet up, but I was wondering if you were interested in a little bit of mutual masturbation." Smiling at the enthusiastic agreement she hears on the other end of the line, Lisa slips out of her bra and panties, describing everything she's doing. "And now I'm going to touch my clit. I shaved my pussy just for tonight, but I made sure to leave a little bit of hair on my mound. Do you like hair down there?"

With her phone sex partner jacking himself off so enthusiastically that she can hear it over the phone, Lisa decides to take things a step further. "I need to feel some penetration. Something bigger than my fingers. Do you mind if I fuck myself with a dildo?" Without waiting for an answer, Lisa retrieves a glass toy from beneath her pillow and reaches down to press the pretty toy deep into her drenched cunt. It only takes a few pumps before this crazy milf is on balanced on the edge of an incredible orgasm! You can catch Lisa's whole raunchy phone sex set in HD pics and video right now only at Anilos.com®, bringing you all of the Internet's sex-crazed mature women weekly.

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Lisa Ann Strips in Kitchen

After a day of shopping and prowling the streets for a younger man to take home and have her way with, all 40 year old Lisa Ann wants to do once she gets home is fix something to eat and then fuck her horny pussy until she is finally sated. As soon as she arrives at her apartment, Lisa reaches up to cup her big tits through her silky shirt and lacy bra, loving the conflicting soft and scratchy feelings on her sensitive nipples. Although she is already in the mood to masturbate, her stomach grumbles to remind her that she has had a long day on her feet without any food. "Well, it's a good thing that preparing food and pleasuring myself don't have to be mutually exclusive," she comments as she strips out of her shirt and miniskirt on her way to the kitchen. Wearing only her sheer bra and panties, Lisa runs her fingers through her long brown hair before grabbing a plate and some fruit to slice up. "I actually really enjoy preparing my own food. It's always more fun with a partner but there's something about food and sex that is permanently linked in my mind." Licking the sticky fruit juice off her fingers as she puts her dirty dishes away, Lisa isn't shy about running her damp digits down her neck and then circling her hard nipple through her bra. "Oops, I guess I shouldn't get my bra dirty if I'm going to do this. Good thing there's an easy solution to that problem!" Reaching behind her to unhook her bra and let her boobs hang free, this horny housewife massages the enhanced globes with obvious pleasure. If you want to see more of this sexy cougar's kitchen exploits head on over to Anilos.com®, where all of the sexiest older women are brought to you each week.

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Lisa Ann Busty Bikini

Turning 40 and getting a divorce hasn't slowed the sexy Lisa Ann down in the slightest. On the contrary, it has driven this tanned milf to take better care of her body and pursue all of the crazy sex she missed out on while she was spoken for. "I like to refer to my marriage as my lost decade. There was nothing wrong with my ex, but I've come to learn that I'm not meant to be tied down to one person. With a hot body like this, who would want to be? There is just so much out there to experience and now I'm free to do it all."

Showing herself off in a string bikini at her apartment complex's public pool has become Lisa's first order of business on the slow summer days when most of the residents are away at work. "I love coming out here and oiling myself up to work on my tan. It's especially nice after I've been at the gym and all I want to do is cool down in the pool and lounge around for the rest of the afternoon." When the public area is particularly deserted, Lisa loves to take things a daring step further and remove her bikini top when she sunbathes.

"Tan lines are so gauche, and it's not like there's anyone around that will be scandalized," she laughs as she cups her heavy enhanced breasts and rubs suntan oil into them. With a quick pinch of her hard nipples, she lets them go and hooks her fingers into the strings on the sides of her bikini bottoms and releases them. Squirting another dolup of oil into her hand, she reaches behind her to rub it into her peachy ass. "Since it's so quiet today, there's no reason not to go all-out. I figure, who cares if someone walks by and sees me? This body is a treat for anyone to look at." You can watch this bronzed beauty oil herself all over and then finger herself by the pool until she cums right now only at Anilos.com®, so check it out now!

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Isabella Anilos Naughty Underwear

When 33 year old Italian beauty Isabella goes to school, she can't walk into the classroom looking like anything less than the consummate European lady - anything else would further emphasize the age difference between this gorgeous milf and her much younger peers. "I'm the oldest person in most of my classes by a good ten years and it bothers me sometimes. I feel like I have one strike against me already and if I don't repress my wild side no one will ever take me seriously." In order to satisfy the values of her classmates while still giving in to her desire to wear sexy fine clothes, Isabella compromises by attending class in naughty underthings with a demure dress or business suit covering them up. "This is the best way I can think of to present a professional exterior while remaining true to my sensual side. It's actually kind of a buzz to know that I'm dressed a little slutty beneath my clothes while I sit in class and that I can come home and masturbate or fuck my husband if I'm feeling horny-which is definitely most of the time!" Safely home from her day at school, Isabella is quick to rid herself of the clingy sheath dress that she had donned with lacy underwear and no bra. Her medium sized breasts jiggle as she carefully balances on her high heels to step out of the dress and then discards it. She licks a fingertip and circles it around one puckered areola almost absently as her other hand roams down the length of her slender back and cups the rounded cheek of her ass. With a little bit more effort Isabella is able to reach the moist folds of her hairy muff, sliding a finger along the juicy slit of her twat before pressing it deep into her warm pussy. Throwing her head back, she moans in pleasure as she works herself towards an incredible orgasm. Check out this sex-crazed cougar's naughty underthings now only at Anilos.com®, where all of the hottest and horniest mature women are brought to you every day.

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