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One of the sexiest things about mature women is that they know what they like, where to find it, and how to make it happen, no matter what. At a certain age, females turn from girls to women, and the lucky ones learn exactly how to please a man, and themselves, at the same time. Our fiery Ukrainian redhead, Katia, is a perfect example of just this. She could seduce any man with nothing but the look in her eyes, and we adore it. Katia loves being in front of the camera, as well, and has a fetish for showing the world exactly how sexy she is. We found her in a plaid blue bra and matching light blue thong, eagerly awaiting our arrival in her living room. She wastes no time in pulling her bra down, exposing her perky, firm tits and big, hard nipples to the camera. Her manicured fingers gently unhook the bra and let it fall to the floor in front of her.

Katia turns around and lifts one of her sexy high heels onto the chair in front of her, showing off her favorite feature. "I love my ass, what can I say. I have always been known for it, even when I was young and thinner, it was always big and round. For a while I thought it was made me look fat. Now I feel blessed to have such a sexy, firm butt." She slips her blue lacy thong down past it, taking time to let us get a real good look at her body from behind. She has a tattoo on her lower back that so many women her age seem to have, and we love it - it's a reminder that once upon a time this sexy mature woman was a young, crazy girl with a dirty mind.

"Sometimes I use toys, sometimes I don't. It depends where I am and how much time I have, or how I'm feeling. I have a few really fun ones though, I'll use at least one today in front of you guys - would you like that?" Katia was teasing us from the start, telling us about her most recent sexcapades, making dirty jokes, knowing that we couldn't have her - no matter how desperately we wanted to make a move! She reached into her desk drawer and grabbed a neon green vibrating dildo, and flipped it on. She rubbed it over her pussy, making sure not to let it slip inside at first. Once she was nice and wet, and couldn't handle not having anything inside of her, she pushed it in and gasped. Her body trembled in pleasure and her eyes rolled back as she arched her body, and bit her lip. She quickly reached orgasm, and removed the toy, still paralyzed in ecstasy for a moment. See this steamy set, as well as many many others on Anilos.com®.

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We found our newest Anilo, Katia, in Ukraine working in a hair salon. This natural redhead loves sex, masturbation, and definitely knows how to have a good time. She is a giver by nature, but when she's alone, she definitely knows how to please herself. "I love all things sex related. I'm a very sexual person, and I think people see that right when they meet me. You know, they say us red heads are the kinkiest of all women!" Judging by this sexy mature temptress, we think whoever "they" are must have been right! Katia invited us inside her home to show us just how freaky she could be, and she definitely made an impression! Katia wore a slinky black and green lingerie set that showed off all of her favorite body parts! Her perky natural breasts look beautiful as she unties her nighty and lets both of her nipples peak out just enough to leave any man begging for more. Her soft legs beg to be touched, and as she removes her top, we see her beautiful flat stomach. We appreciate a woman's body, and Katia's curves are almost more than we can handle - but only almost! She sexily strips her clothes off, taking time as she slips her black panties down, slowly revealing her unshaved pussy. Katia told us her favorite asset was just that, her full round ass - and it's easy to see why! She turns around and lifts one of her perfect bare feet onto a chair, and bends over, letting us peek thru her thighs as she gently strokes her wet clit with her fingers. Her manicured hands spread her cheeks apart while she fondles herself. Katia moans quietly at first, then turns back around to face us and hops up onto the chair herself. She moves one foot onto the kitchen counter, and starts working her hands over her moist vagina, teasing it as she moves closer and closer to ultimate release. Katia is so sensual while she is wearing her clothes, that her sexuality and womanhood fill the room with an overwhelming amount of sexual tension when she is naked. She plays with herself until she is panting hard, her breathing alone is enough to make us weak at the knees. As she cums, she gasps for air, and her body trembles in pleasure. You do not want to miss a second of this gorgeous redhead pleasing herself, and you don't have to - it's all available at the premier website for sexy mature women, for your viewing pleasure - Anilos.com®.

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Katia is a fiery redhead from Ukraine that can talk dirty in three different languages. At the mature age of 31, Katia knows what she likes and isn't afraid to go after it. When she's not modeling she works in a salon, doing hair and making people feel beautiful. "I meet a lot of young men in my salon, which is nice. They walk in to get their hair cut, and then end up coming home with me. I'm not sure which of us is seducing the other though!" Now that sounds like a salon I'd like to visit myself! Imagine walking in for an innocent haircut, and walking out with this little sex kitten on your arm, ready and willing to rock your world.

Katia sat her new friend down on her couch and started kissing him. First his neck, then his collar bone, then his mouth. They were both enjoying themselves, and soon she felt him stiffen inside his pants. With a knowing smile, Katia started kissing down the front of his chest. Slowly moving her head down, and lowering herself to the floor, where she finally rested her knees on the ground. She pulled his cock out of his pants and grinned when she saw how big he was. She gently licked the tip, then ran her tongue down the shaft, and back up. She inserted his member into her mouth, and moved her head forward and back, looking up at him during this near perfect blow job. "I know that I give great head, I've heard a thousand times. I'm very proud of it!" Katia had told us earlier. Seeing it first hand though, definitely proves her statement.

After a beautiful sloppy blow job, Katia smiles and stands up. Her newest conquest grabs her by her now-naked waist, and lowers her onto him, reverse cowgirl position. Her big, firm, natural tits and large nipples are bouncing up and down with her, and her wet, untamed pussy is loving his hard cock inside of it. Her legs are spread all the way apart, and her eyes are closed in pleasure. As she rides him, she moves closer and closer to orgasm. Katia is a smoking hot cougar that loves cock more than anyone we've met before - find out for yourself exclusively at Anilos.com®.

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Tori Baker is a sexy mature woman with a very dirty mind! This cougar doesn't always let it show, but she is a walking, talking sex machine, literally in love with cumming! She knows that during the day she has a family to take care of, and does a wonderful job with that part of her life, but when she finds any time for herself, the freak comes right out to play! "I am a responsible mother, the kids and all their friends adore me! I know everyone in the neighborhood, all the rest of the parents. But, it's true. I'm an exhibitionist in my own world, maybe even a nympho! But, I would never let the two worlds cross paths, so I see no problems!" Tori's wearing a dark red top and sexy blue jeans as she explains that to us. Her large, natural breasts are both exposed, as she holds the already low-cut hem of her blouse down lower.

Next thing we know, Tori is leaning back on the couch, still smiling. She unzips her jeans, then slowly pulls them down as she lifts her sexy, toned legs into the air. They slip right down, over her smooth thighs and then to her sexy calves. When she pulls them over her delicious feet, she leaves her cute little wedged high-heels on, and giggles because the denim gets caught for a second. "I wish I could be just a bit more graceful sometimes, dammit," she jokes to us.

Tori hops up off the couch and heads to the coffee table. She opens the top drawer, shuffles around some papers, and then smiles as she finds what she was looking for. She pulls out a hot pink magic wand vibrator, and turns it on briefly to test the batteries. It loudly buzzes and she carries it back to the couch with her. Tori quickly removes her high heels, pulls her knees up, and rests her feet on the couch in front of her. She pulls her panties to the side, leaves her shirt on with her breasts out, and starts to masturbate. Shortly after, Tori is moaning and groaning, panting, loving every moment of the sex toy rubbing her sexy wet pussy, until she loudly cums. See the full photo set, video, and much more exclusively at Anilos.com®.

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Tori Baker is absolutely a Mother I'd Like to Fu… Well, I'll leave it at MILF and let you figure that one out yourself. Tori is the whole package, and then some! She loves to cook, clean, and bake, she's very intelligent and outspoken, she knows how to have a good time, and of course, her body is absolutely banging. Here, we see an even more wild side of our new favorite MILF than we have before, as she leads us outside for some semi-public outdoor play! She's wearing a red and white sun dress and pretty gold earrings. Before we know it, this pretty brunette has both of her big natural tits out, and is leaning over to display them! "I love the adrenaline rush coming out here gives me. We're still on my property, but our gate does not hide anything from neighbors or anyone walking thru the area! Imagine someone was standing there, staring, while I masturbate out here? I'm wet just thinking about it! I guess that's where the exhibitionist in me comes out!" Tori turns around, tits still pulled out over the top of her dress, and flashes us her sexy, round ass. She's so sweet and sexy at the same time, the way she looks over her shoulder, seductively smiling at us! Tori's got a rocking body in many ways though - she has a cute small waist, long tan legs, and perfectly toned arms. She walks back over to us, and bends her knees as she lowers herself near the ground. With her feet arched, and her legs spread, she flashes us a very sexy pink thong. Then, she one-up's herself and pulls it to the side, exposing her tight mature pussy. I think this position is one for the books, and will definitely be thinking about it later! Tori seems to love the attention, and giggles with us, knowing how desperately we want her, and eating it up. She stands up, giving us an amazing view of her delicious body. With her legs spread apart, and thong pulled to the side, her pussy is dripping wet and just stunning in general. With her manicured hands wandering towards her clit, the silhouette of he sexy ass, and her big beautiful tits hovering just above, there's no way to even attempt to keep our thoughts somewhat pure! Tori Baker is a steamy cougar, a flirtatious mature woman, and 100% certifiable MILF. See more from this set - and many other enticing mature treats at Anilos.com®.

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Many older women are unable to find a balance between being a mature adult lady and a sexual, seductive cougar. Tori Baker, though, seems to accomplish this with ease. She seems like a normal, every day soccer mom, spending loads of time shuttling her two sons around in her mini van after school, cooking beautiful home cooked meals for her family, and winning many awards for her fabulous baking skills on a tri-state level. But, when Tori has the house to herself, or finds time to go out and party with her friends, she's one hundred percent certifiable freak! We found Miss Tori in the kitchen, wearing a white button down shirt, a striped apron, sexy wedge high heels and nothing else - no bra, no pants, and definitely no panties. She took no time to unbutton her blouse and expose her big, round, natural tits and flat stomach. Tori has a big smile on her face, as she poses for a snap shot, brown eyes sparkling in the light. "I am and always will be the age old example of a dirty little housewife… even if I am no longer a wife, per say." She's finishing up her housework, and turns her back to us to wipe off the counter around the sink - making sure everything is sparkling clean. Her sexy, firm ass looks beautiful, and her long toned legs are definitely a sight for sore eyes. "Done, finally. I love finishing up in the kitchen, as much as I enjoy cooking in it! Finishing my work means I get to finish myself off!" Tori sits down on the clean, marble floor of her beautiful kitchen, with her knees up in front of her and her feet spread apart. She rests each of her manicured hands on her knees, and looks seductively into the camera. Her sexy toes are painted a deep red color, and her feet look wonderful in her cork wedges. Tori reaches into a drawer above her and pulls out a glass dildo. She gently starts to fuck her wet pussy, and she caresses her own hard nipples. After a few minutes of his, she takes the toy out, sucks it clean but leaves it nice and wet with slobber before moving it back down her body and slowly teasing her ass hole with it. She inserts the toy deep inside of her, moaning the entire time. As she fucks her ass, she cums loud and hard, her body shaking in pleasure. See the full photo set and video of Tori Baker and many other sexy mature women on Anilos.com®

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If you were to cross paths with mature brunette beauty Tori Baker on the street, you would probably assume she is the perfect picture of innocence, with not even one bone of naughty in her firm little body. Tori is in fact a wonderful mother, head of the PTA, and is known in her Tennessee town for her award winning baked goods and catfish tacos. Though all of these things are impressive, the other side of this southern bell is what brought us to her. Tori Baker is a naughty, naughty woman and has a fetish for being watched while she gets fucked and masturbates.

"It might seem out of character, but being productive and working hard to be an upstanding member of society does not mean I am boring or vanilla!" Tori is wearing a pink and black tribal print dress, and sitting on the couch as she talks to us. She pulls out one of her big, natural tits, and leans back smiling. We notice her softly caressing her pussy as she's speaking with us, but choose not to mention it - we like to let things progress naturally. "I'm just so damn horny all the time! I'm so happy I can embrace it, instead of being ashamed!" Tori's looking around, trying to locate something. Finally, she finds her big purple dildo and picks it up. She lifts her dress up, tit still out, and moves her black panties to the side. She is not shaved, but her wet, yearning pussy still looks beautiful and clean. She picks a speed setting for her toy, and licks the top - instead of getting lube.

"This one always gets me off, quick. I love this toy - the shape, vibration, intensity - it does everything right. It's great on my clit directly, and even better when I push it all the way in." Tori loves teasing herself, and runs the toy up and down, around her clit, lips, and hole - but doesn't insert it completely yet. "The build up is half the fun!" It looks like Tori was on to something when she starts arching her back, closing her eyes, and muttering under her breath. Watching her orgasm is an honor, and you can see it for yourself in her full photo sets and videos, exclusively at Anilos.com®.

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Southern bell Tori Baker is one naughty cougar, and she's more than happy to talk about it! At the perfectly ripe age of 43, Tori is living in Tennessee with her two teenage sons, and living her dream! She is #1 Mommy during the day, and sexual temptress by night! Tori has big brown eyes, shoulder length brown hair, and a wholesome smile. She's wearing a strapless plaid and black dress, and smiling big, and knowingly. Her big, natural tits are exposed - showing off her newly acquired tan lines from her recent Florida vacation.

"I love to hold a nice, big cock in my mouth. There's something about giving a good old fashioned blow job that really gets me off. I like knowing I am pleasuring my man for his sake, only." Judging by the series of events that took place next, we believe her. Tori pulled out her new mans dick, and quickly got to sucking it off. She leans back on the couch, while he stands next to her, enjoying the feeling of her tongue and lips wrapped around his member. Tori's legs spread open instinctively, and her pussy gets wetter by the second, still covered by her black striped panties. Her tits remain pulled out, over her dress, and they look even better than before from this angle. Her smooth skin is tingling, begging to be caressed and worshipped.

Tori frantically searches thru her top drawer for a condom, and sighs loudly when she cannot find one. "Safety always comes first. That's something I care much more about, now that I am older and wiser. I love sex, but I love safe sex even more." Luckily, he grabs his wallet and pulls one out, as she slides her dress off completely. He sits down on the couch and pulls Tori on top of him, in reverse cowgirl position. He gently fucks her at first, until he grabs onto her hips, moving her more quickly up and down on his cock. As she rides him, her face says it all - she is in immense pleasure, moaning and groaning, biting her lip and closing her eyes. Tori's wet pussy is not fully shaved, and that's exactly that we like to see when it comes to cougars like her. She's having the time of her life, and yells alluringly as she cums. Tori is a great fuck, and amazing to watch. Check out this sexy mature brunette's full photo set and video now, only in the members area of Anilos.com®.

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To me, one of the sexiest things about a mature woman is that she knows how to take care of a man, and a home. I love seeing a woman cleaning the house, doing the dishes, or especially, cooking. When we caught up to Angelica Raven in the kitchen and realized she was standing over the stove, making dinner, I knew she had officially become my dream girl. She looked perfect in her high heels, black booty shorts, and colorful tank top - exactly the way a woman should look. From her long dark hair, to her seductive smile, and gorgeous eyes this woman has it going on. Before we knew it, she was stepping out of her clothes, removing everything except for her heels, still making sure her food wasn't going to burn on the stove top. Angelica's hourglass figure is not for the faint of heart, and she wouldn't have it any other way. "I love my curves, they make me feel like a woman. I love my big tits, my large, but firm ass, and my thighs. I really do love my body, and anyone that disagrees, can disagree elsewhere." Did I mention she's got more attitude than necessary, to add to that sexy little package? Angelica is a really a sweet girl, but she can be very demanding sometimes - personally it turns me on when she gets riled up a bit. She turns around and bends herself over the counter, reaching for something near the window. She glances back over her shoulder, and laughs when she sees all eyes on her, loving all of the attention. She spreads her ass for us with one hand, and reaches down to rub her clit with the other. Angelica is getting wetter by the second, almost forgetting that we are still there as she works her tight pussy with her fingers. As she gets more and more into it, she turns around, hops up on the counter, and leans back. She fingers herself, now two at a time, moving them in and out of her, more and more quickly. She bites her lip and arches her back, closes her eyes, and moans. Angelica cums for us one last time for the day, and it's more intense and sexier than anything else we've seen from her thus far. Check out Angelica's - and many other smoking hot mature women's - photo sets and videos on Anilos.com®.

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Angelica Raven's got something about her that screams heartbreaker, but she also has something about her that somehow seduces men into desperately longing for her, hoping that they can really tame her wild ways. She is so easy to fall in love with, even thought it's so clear that she is trouble. From the long black hair, perfect perky tits, and genuine personality - there's no way anyone would ever leave her. And to top it off, she's super sexual, to the point that even we're struggling to keep up! We found her wearing, or well, removing a sexy black and white skirt. Her nipples are big and hard, and to pretend to think of anything but sucking on them would be a bold faced lie.

"I am home alone too often these days. I want to get a pet or something If I can't find something to occupy my time with, I'm going to go crazy. I have been masturbating so much, because I'm not dreadfully bored if I can at least cum!" Angelica has her back to us, giving us a stunning view of her firm, tight ass. The outline of her breast (and silhouette of her body as a whole) is magnificent, she curves in all of the right places. Wouldn't it be fun to be Angelica's daytime pet for a while? Wonder if I could make that happen!

Angelica sits down on the couch, laughs at my sleazy joke about being her pet, and grabs the phone. Her hair looks so sexy as it messily rests behind her, and as always, her body looks out of this world. Her big natural breasts hang perfectly down, in front of her, and one of her hands travels straight down her stomach and onto her wet, shaved pussy. Her other hand grabs the phone, and she dials in her man's number. "I hope he's into some phone sex right now…" That might be one of the hottest things I've heard all day. Angelica is almost too much fun! The rest of this set is smoking hot, and as always Angelica cums spectacularly. Find out for yourself exactly how it happened in the full photo set and video, available only at Anilos.com®.

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