Mimi Moore Shower Seduction

34 year old Mimi Moore is a hot milf in the prime of her sexual life, and she's all about taking any excuse she can find to pleasure her horny pussy. Standing wrapped from big breasts to knees in a colorful towel, Mimi stands in front of the shower and closes her eyes for a moment to fantasize about all of the ways she wants to touch herself while she is wet and slippery. "Showers are always a good place to start seducing myself. Even if I don't have an orgasm while I'm in there it can still feel pretty darned good as foreplay!" After putting up her long brown hair, Mimi steps beneath the shower spray and works some soap into her hands so she can lather it up. As she massages the suds onto her sensitive skin, she pays special attention to her hanging tits and puckered hard nipples. When her hand slips to her landing strip pussy she leans her head back against the cool tiles and moans happily. "I always make sure to buy the expensive soap that lathers well and keeps my skin moisturized. It's so much fun to use!" Although this sex-crazed cougar occasionally uses the showerhead to get herself off after soaping up in the shower, tonight she elects to dry off and use her fingers the old fashioned way. Shutting off the water, she steps out and wraps herself in her fuzzy towel for a few minutes before dropping it and pulling her leg up on the counter. "The bathroom is a super convenient place to masturbate even outside of the shower. There are plenty of surfaces at different heights to bend over onto or to help hold my leg up so I can get the perfect angle to fuck myself." You can watch this cum hungry woman explore all of the different ways she can screw herself silly in the bathroom right now only at Anilos.com®, so head on over to check it out!

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