Tina's Mature Strip Tease

Tina is getting ready to go out with the girls. She's wearing a hot pink crocheted shirt over matching bra, a tight black satin skirt, fishnet stockings and black bejeweled pumps. From the waist down, Tina is one long, lean line of legs! It's too bad she won't be wearing her wire rimmed glasses when she goes out tonight, because she looks super sexy in them! This brainy brunette knows how to put on quite the strip tease, wasting no time taking it all off. It's a real good thing Tina's a nurse, because she plays hard enough to give a heart attack!

Tina gives a fetching smile to the camera as she removes her shirt and bra. Panties come off next, slipped easily over the fishnet stockings. Long brunette locks tickle her full breasts. "I like easy access. I am so horny almost all of the day. When I want sex, I want it now!" she brazenly asserts. Only a mature woman can embrace her sexuality like this. That confidence is one of the benefits of having attended an all girls school growing up. Well, that and matching her panties to her outfit every day. Tina has definitely mastered being seriously sultry, as if she always has a naughty fantasy running through her thoughts. And reading desire as simple as reading a patient's chart.

Stripped down to nothing but her fishnets and pumps, Tina bends over the stool to give us a peek at her pussy. Her anus is as ruffled as her clitoris, which shows that this Czech has experience satisfying men with both! With legs spread, her body bent over the stool, and her full breasts hanging loosely against her thigh, Tina uses one hand to lift her round cheek to show us even more! She licks and sucks on two of her fingers, the same way she would a hard cock, making them wet and warm and ready for entry. Would you like to watch her slip those sleek fingers inside her throbbing pussy? Want to watch a milf masturbate? You can! Exclusively at Anilos.com®.

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