Amber Dawn Milf Moms

We met up with Amber Dawn at her Interior Design office earlier this week. She was wearing black, cat-eye glasses, a red button-front shirt, and a tight, short black skirt. "I have to admit, I'm a bit of a voyeur. My mind can't help but picture the people I'm designing for really appreciating the lighting, the textiles, the sensuous aspects. Then, I picture them using that space for the ultimate in pleasure!" We were a little disappointed to see her dressed, but that disappointment quickly faded when she showed us that she never leaves home without her favorite red dildo, cleverly concealed between her creamy, perky breasts. "Sometimes, I just get so horny at work, creating spaces that are supposed to be both functional and enticing," she reveals. "I tend to think about spaces for the potential of their sex appeal. But then I get all worked up!"
"How do you manage to take care of your needs while you're stuck behind a desk?" I asked. Amber Dawn was more than happy to show me just how flexible a woman needs to be to meet all of her desires. Swinging her long, luscious legs into the air, the first thing I saw was a curvy path leading my eyes from her slender ankles up to the top of her silk stockings. Her sexy design principle starts at the ground, and leads the eye to all kinds of beautiful displays. "Imagining myself in a client's space, I can feel my pussy start to ache. Finally, I just get so hot... I really depend on my toys." She lets out a soft sigh as she glides her vibrator deep into her very wet pussy. Each stroke of that lucky little dildo builds Amber Dawn into peak after peak of pleasure. Grinding away at her frustration, Amber Dawn's breasts bounce their way out of the confines of her pink, lacy bra, and her skirt snakes its way higher and higher onto her tight little waist. Moaning and whimpering, Amber Dawn seems sated after her fifth orgasm! Leaving her toy to rest inside her throbbing pussy, Amber Dawn looks up at me, her hair mussed, her sweet body open to me, and declares "now, that is a job well done!"

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