Lenny Loves her Girlbush

Since the office was empty by the time Lenny and the doctor finished their appointment, Lenny accepted his offer for a drink, and gladly escorted him back to his place. She can never get enough, once she's got her hazel eyes locked on a man, and she wants this doctor with all of her being. While he's uncorking a bottle of Muscat, Lenny makes herself at home. After removing and gently folding her jacket and skirt, laying them over the couch, Lenny kicks her high heels aside and wanders around the doctor's flat until finally settling down on the fur rug in front of the fire he's lit. She relaxes into a gentle stretch, wearing nothing but her babydoll blouse and lace panties. As he hands her a glass of wine, his eyes are drawn down to the edges of her white lace panties, where her full bush spills out of the confines of her panties.

Instead of diving right in, licking her sweet, mature mons, relishing in the tickling sensation of her bush upon his cheeks, he decides to play the seduction game with Lenny instead. He begins the talking by complimenting her work performance, and then moves to flattering her about her figure. Lenny knows what he's after, though, and tells him about how she's found him attractive since he took over the practice, and how she's fantasized about being with him since the moment she first met him. Lenny pulls down the top of her shirt, displaying her tiny titties, and describes how erect her nipples become each time she hears his deep voice echo down the hall. She plays coy and innocent, but it's only to hide the wet desire that's accumulating on her dewy bush.

He is drawn from the couch by the lure of her creamy skin, and takes each of her rosebud nipples into his mouth, eliciting soft whimpers from Lenny's throat. He tugs at her panties, wanting to feel the brush of her bush against his hands. While his lips tug at her nipples, trace lingering lines of kisses across her neck and shoulders, Lenny manages to wiggle out of her panties. The doctor sits back on his heels, admiring the natural state of her pubis, fascinated by the dewy droplets of desire that glisten upon her full blonde bush. Lenny lets him take full stock of her sexiness, spreading her legs just a but wider to encourage him. Drawing long, slow strokes upon her thighs with the hot pink tips of her nails, she visually lures the doctor right where she wants him- his lips upon her labia, his tongue teasing her clitoris. Who wouldn't want to taste Lenny's milf pie? What man would be able to resist her mature appetite for pleasure, or Lenny's slow seduction? Can't resist any longer? Come inside, play doctor for a while with thousands of lovely older ladies, exclusively at Anilos.com.

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