Lenny Anilos Next Door

Lenny has all the sweet charm of the 'girl next door', but she, like all women, has a secret and surefire method for keeping her mature sex drive in high gear! Lenny has just been lingerie shopping, a hobby that always leaves her turned on! Once she's home from the store, she tries on her latest purchase: a fiery red lace bra and panty set. Posing seductively on the coverlet, Lenny inspects the sex appeal of her undergarments. But the final test is how easy they are to remove. She begins with the panties. They're a little tight, and that they are seamed, they're beginning to give Lenny a bit of a camel-toe. Pulling the bikini panties off over her full hips slowly, one side at a time, Lenny's mature mons is freed from the discomfort. Turning around on the bed to inspect her rear-view, Lenny tosses her long blonde hair over her shoulder as she unclasps her brassiere. Allowing the straps to slide down her arms, Lenny's small breasts surge into peaks of arousal as the cool air hits them. She tosses the bra aside, bouncing on the bed like a giddy school girl, thrilled to have a few new articles to arouse her man's interests. Her lithe, limber body is as taut as a teen's, and her erotic exuberance matches! Shopping has always turned Lenny on, and today is no exception. Leaning back onto the pillows, Lenny retrieved her favorite toy: a blue, ribbed vibrator. This bad boy has never let her down, and she's in a hurry to be pleased! Watch as Lenny inserts her blue b.o.b. deep into her hairy pussy. Watch as Lenny buries it into the oasis within her blonde bush. You can watch, in fact, you can help... but only at Anilos.com®, the premiere site for thousands of the mature women, and thrilling thirty-somethings, that you crave!

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