Bella Brunette Milf

Bella loves to be treated like a princess. Older men seem to know how to treat a lusty lady right- they know that they're supposed to pamper their precious pussycat. Bella has just spent the afternoon at the spa, courtesy of one of her favorite patrons, getting waxed and polished, manicured and massaged. She's feeling exceptionally grateful to him, and wants to reward him by showing up at his townhouse for a private dance or two. She's wearing a dress that another of her admirers has bought for her, but he doesn't need to know that. Bella draws his eyes toward her body as she slips her huge titties through the armholes of her little ruched dress, emphasizing their firm stature with the asymmetrical play of the fabric.

Newly pedicured toes gracefully accent golden, bejeweled high heels. Long legs, tanned and waxed, kneel gracefully as Bella continues her visual seduction. Playing with the straps of her hot pink mini-dress, Bella's big tits are on full display. Her long chestnut locks flow freely down her back, the only hair remaining on Bella's bodacious body. Squatting before her favorite patron, Bella reveals that she's not wearing any panties, and her bald pussy, framed by her sexy legs, twinkles with the new bar she's bought for her clit piercing. "Mmmm, baby. I really enjoyed my day!" she muses. "How ever can I show my gratitude to you? Would you like a lap dance, love?"

As she settles down onto the carpet, Bella spreads her legs wide open so she can show her patron how excited he's made her. Reaching down with her manicured hands, she begins to massage her lips, teasing her clitoris. "Mmmm, this is where I want you to lick me." He takes no time taking full advantage of his favorite dancer, and is on his knees in front of her, hungry to taste every bit of flesh Bella offers him. The pearly ball ends of her piercing guide the action, setting up a physical target for the tongue to tickle. The sienna silkiness of her lips, glistening with wet, is the sweetest of rewards to a suitor who has taken the time to indulge his favorite artist. Bella makes some sweet music as her body sways and moves to the rhythm of her lover's desire. Have a penchant for lusty exotic dancers? Want to see more of Bella's conquests? Or do you have a thing for big breasted Milfs? We've got all that, and more, all for your pleasure, exclusively at®.

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