Alexandra Silk Anilos Sex

Alexandra Silk loves to get a massage! Her idea of relaxing includes shopping and spa trips, but that has more to do with the fantastic sex her massage therapist gives her. She's meeting with him a few hours after her shift at the Hospital, changing out of her scrubs and into a denim miniskirt and white, lacy blouse. Alexandra's had a long, hard week and she's booked an after hours appointment with the masseuse to get it even harder... both on and off the table. After a few preliminary questions, the Masseuse asks her if she has any areas that need special attention. Draping her arms about his neck, Alexandra murmers into his ear as she strokes his cock through his blue jeans. The good man is more than willing to oblige.

Alexandra Silk is a definite milf. Every older woman knows that it takes a little extra effort to get them going, sexually, and that men need some special attention, too. She slips down onto her knees while she pulls the therapist's cock from his pants, sucking the tip of his growing desire with her skilled mouth. Alexandra sure knows how to guarantee her pleasure, sucking harder and faster on his dick so that when he slips it in, it'll be bigger and slicker than had he gotten himself stimulated. Besides, giving head is one of those things that just turns on this country girl. She wraps her lips around the head of his cock, pumping his shaft with her strong fingertips. She takes only a few seconds to look up at him with her hazel eyes, pauses her sucking to ask "I've got somewhere that really needs a firm massage, and I think you've got just the tool to reach it!"

Standing up, Alexandra Silk pushes her lover onto his massage table, turns her back on him, then swings her long legs over him to mount him in reverse-cowgirl position. This isn't Alexandra's first "massage session" with her therapist, and she wants it deeper than he'll typically give it to her. "Oh, yeah," she moans with each stroke of his cock, "do you like it deep inside me? Deep inside my silky pussy?" The therapist watches her tight milf ass bounce up and down on his thick cock until he thinks he's going to explode. But he's determined to give her some hard satisfaction, and keeps going and going until he gets her off. After a climax like that, Alexandra can really relax and settle into her full body massage. Watch all the orgasmic action exclusively at®.

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