Alexandra Silk Boob Mature

Alexandra Silk loves to wear interesting little lingerie pieces under her evening wear. Tonight, she's selected a black lace body stocking beneath her black party dress and strapped sandals. Going on dates is part of the ritual that helps this hot milf get wet and ready. "I take my time to dress to impress. At work I wear scrubs. Very boring. So, in the evenings I get dolled up. It's all part of my ritual to feel sexy at my age. And, let me tell you, it works!" Alexandra tosses out her long hair behind her as she twirls in her sheer lingerie black party dress. Lifting it from the hem, Alexandra teases the eye to expect garters, but the black lace continues up, contouring her bodacious body and pressing against her full breasts.

Though Alexandra Silk looks delectable in her lacy undies, she'd much rather be naked. She removes the shoulder straps of her body stocking, inching the lace further and further down her torso. When the fabric clears her breasts, finally, they bounce back to their firm and proud perch upon her chest. Nothing in the world is softer than the creamy skin of a milf's breast, and Alexandra has an ample bosom to touch... and enjoy. She continues stripping, rolling the body stocking down to reveal her tidy muff and rounded, full hips. Standing, spreading her legs to bare more, Alexandra's nipples perk up hard and sweet and she giggles with the thrill of the cool air rushing against her skin, and her long brunette hair tickles her lower back.

She rolls the lingerie all the way down each leg, kicking her high heels off in the process, and strokes her silky skin with satiny fingertips as she slowly stands back up. Alexandra tosses her long, brunette hair over one shoulder, emphasizing it's length and luster. Completely naked, Alexandra strikes a few poses for our camera, teasing us with her sexy milf body as she tiptoes and bends to show us her other 'silky' body parts. Like your women older? Want a woman with a curvy body and plenty of experience to put you to bed right? Wouldn't you love to spend an afternoon gazing at all of Alexandra's silken curves and cool, liquid hazel eyes? Get full access to her, or chose from thousands on the internet's premiere site for mature mamas:®.

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