Josie Nude Woman

Josie is, perhaps, the most petite model we've ever featured on For her tiny stature, though, she more than makes up for it with a big sexual appetite. She met us for her interview wearing a sheer, polka-dot miniskirt! "You might as well see what you're getting right from the start," she declares before getting right to the point of pulling off her darling little skirt. "I was married for many years, using my talents for raising kids. Now that the kids are grown and the divorce is over, I can experiment with all the ways I want to interact with the world. If I could do anything, this would be it! Where else can you be naked all day?" Josie laughs as she tosses her strawberry blonde locks over her shoulder. Her tiny titties are topped with hard nipples which she rubs and twirls between her fingers as she talks. Josie has taken the time to match her fingernails to her coral colored g-string panties, too. "Have I mentioned that I love to masturbate?" she continues. "I didn't start until I was 13 or so. I guess I was a late bloomer in that regard. But now I masturbate every day! I have a few special and favorite toys, but my fingers will do in a fix." Josie rubs her milfpie with both hands, showing us deeper into her pussy by spreading her lips apart to reveal a very pink pussy. But pulling her panties aside doesn't cut it for Josie, she wants easier access to her creamy milf pussy. So, slipping her g-string from her thin, toned legs, Josie flings them across the room and lays back on her chaise with all the prowess of a cougar settling in for a nap. Spreading her lips open, Josie waits patiently for you with more exclusive content than any site on the web. Only at®.

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