Josie Hot Milf

Josie's favorite thing to do after a long day in front of the cameras is to unwind in the bathtub. She's got a big garden tub and she puts it to good use on an everyday basis. "There's nothing like it, as far as I'm concerned. Climbing into a tub full of bubbles is so relaxing! I love the sensation of warm, sudsy water running along my thighs and back. But before I know it, my stress has dissolved and I start to get a tingling feeling running through my body." That's not her sensitive skin, but her very active, very mature sex drive. "Masturbating after a long bath has been a ritual for me for as long as I can remember. I think it started when I was 13, and I've just kept it going." She unfurls her long legs, stretching one final time before retrieving her bathtime toy.

Setting her lean, petite form against the wall, Josie's wet skin glistens. Her toy is a hot pink vibrator encased in clear acrylic to ensure it doesn't get damaged by the water. With practiced dexterity, Josie flicks her toy onto a steady vibration and begins to rub the toy back and forth across her own hot, pink clitoris. Bubbles float up around her, popping against her creamy smooth skin, and Josie giggles with delight as each one rises and lands while she pleases herself. Hard nipples sit atop tiny titties. Slighly dampened strawberry blonde locks graze and tickle the sensitive skin of her shoulders, and Josie pretends those are the whisper soft strokes of her lover's hands upon her as she works out the first of several orgasms she'll give herself tonight.

Josie handles herself with all the efficiency of a milf on the prowl. Spreading her lips open, Josie proudly shows the tender pink folds of her pussy, inviting the eyes, the lips, the tongue to explore her sweet spot even further. Her pussy is framed by fiery blonde hair trimmed nice and short, and her firecrotch is wet in more ways than one. The pink lips of her milfpie are tingling with excitement and Josie is hungry for another orgasm or two. Twirling her red fingertips over the pearl of her clit, Josie smiles up at the camera while both of her hands are engaged in pleasuring herself. Don't you just love it when a woman takes charge of how she wants to be touched? How she can spread her sweet lips to open it all up just for you? Check out even more of Josie's exclusive online content, or choose from at least a hundred more redheads who want to give it all to you. Exclusive selection exclusively at®.

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