Lacie James Milf Babes

After spending time with Lacie James, our newest addition to Anilos, we've found out quite a few things. Firstly, she's got a great body and a great personality to match. And second, rocker chicks do still turn us on! At almost 30 years old, Lacie embosses everything rock and roll is all about - freedom, sex, partying, and more. Here, we found her in a sheer black mini dress and matching black panties. In true Lacie form, she slowly pulls the bottom of her dress up, lifting it higher and higher until she is flashing her big, round titties and hard, sexy nipples. "Who doesn't like to get clean while they're getting dirty? I know I do!" Lacie hops into the shower, and poses with her back to us. An ass like that should not even be legal - or, well, it should least come with a warning sign! As Lacie scrubs her body, making sure she is nice and clean for when Mr. James gets home later, she realizes she has time to give herself one more orgasm. She sits down on the ledge of shower, places one hand behind her for balance, and rubs her clit with the other. Her giant tits are sprawled out in front of her, and her facial expression is silently screaming pleasure. Lacie rubs and massages herself, then slowly slips one finger inside, and soon after, a second. Before we know it, Lacie is vigorously sliding two fingers in and out, over and over again, while she moans and groans in ecstacy. "Oh my! This is absolutely the greatest idea I've had all day! I cannot get enough of myself! I couldn't get enough of anything that felt this great though, no matter what!" A woman with a sex drive this extensive is almost impossible to come by! Don't miss out on all of Lacie's sexy photo sets and videos, exclusively at®.

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