Lucky Starr Mature Nude

Lucky Starr looks fantastic when we find her in the kitchen of her Miami home, wearing a classy, patterned halter dress. Her hair is pulled back in a bun, above her head, and she is wearing sexy pearl earrings. She smiles as she charmingly explains that her style has changed as she's gotten older. "I used to dress very slutty - but now, I'm 38, I'm a mom and a wife, and I like to cover up a bit more. That doesn't mean I'm less sexy, and I think it's fun to leave more to the imagination." Our imaginations are running wild as we anticipate what Lucky will look like with that dress on the floor, so apparently her plan has worked!

Our hearts are racing as she reaches up, behind her neck, and unties the straps of her dress. One by one, she lets the straps fall down, and her small but sexy natural tits come out to play. "I love my boobs. I know they're small, but they're always perky, and my nipples literally stay hard all the time." Lucky has a near perfect everything - a dazzling smile, pretty eyes, and a sweet demeanor - that all contribute to making her everything we've been looking for! "I love modeling! I feel like a million bucks knowing there are people out there that will touch themselves while they look at me! It gets me off to think of it every time!" And how could we forget, she's got an unexpected naughty side that pushes her even closer to the top of our "favorites" list!

Lucky stands up to remove her dress completely, letting it slinkily drop down her body, and onto the floor. She is wearing crotchless panty hose, and we are stunned and excited at the same time. Lucky tells us she can't wait to get off again, but really wishes she could get fucked hard like she had been earlier. Her wet, shaved pussy is yearning for cock, but her man is at work now and she says "I only fuck other men if he's there and approves." They have an open relationship, sexually but not emotionally. "My heart belongs to him, but we both enjoy sex too much to try to hold the other back." The way she fiends for cock, and the way she looks, almost naked but not quite, is such a turn on. Lucky starts touching herself, running her hands over her sexy body, and proceeds to pleasure herself with her fingers. Though she wanted cock, she is definitely having a blast, and soon cums hard, all over the floor. See the whole erotic, sexual experience for yourself, on video and in photos, only at®.

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